Saturday, April 20, 2024

Perrysburg business donates to Habitat for Humanity

Cutting Edge Countertops is donating a minimum of $12,000 to Habitat for Humanity during October, which is Kitchen and Bath month.

Last year, Cutting Edge donated nearly fifteen thousand dollars to help those impacted by the pandemic and hope to continue to help again this year, according to a press release.

A percentage of each sale made in October will be donated again to Habitat for Humanity in three different states— Ohio, Michigan and Indiana, which are all local locations of other Cutting Edge Countertop showroom areas.

Just felt right
Marketing manager for Cutting Edge Countertops, Cindy Rae, initially came up with the idea to donate to Habitat for Humanity. 

“By doing a tri-state partnership, it just felt really right,” said Rae. “I love that they have locations in each of the markets that we serve, and so it really helps — not just here locally, but in the other local communities too.”

“We’ve not really had that many programs that overlapped into different jurisdictions and never one that covered Indiana, Detroit and us — we are tickled to be part of it,” said Michael McIntyre, Executive Director of Habitat for Humanity.

Photo courtesy: Habitat for Humanity.

Bringing the plan to reality
Habitat for Humanity’s mission is to help families counteract the existing affordable housing issues throughout the country. 1 and 6 families in the nation spend over 50% of their income on housing, according to McIntyre. 

“It’s actually not a partnership that we would’ve experienced without Cutting Edge Countertops stepping in and coming up with a plan to bring to reality,” said McIntyre.

“We are blessed to be in a position where we can give back to our communities,” said Brian Burns, Founding Partner of Cutting Edge Countertops.

Any new homeowners who are looking for new countertops or materials, can purchase through Cutting Edge Countertops and set up an appointment through their website. Another way to get involved would be directly with Habitat for Humanity by volunteering or other monetary donations. For more information on this visit their website

“You know that it’s gonna impact somebody and you don’t need a thank you, you don’t need the recognition— the basis of the service is to help families,” said Burns.

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