Saturday, April 1, 2023

Today’s The Day Parliament Finds The Funk (Again)

Medicaid Fraud Dogg is the first funky bit of noise to escape the P-Funk mothership in 38 years. George Clinton and Parliament released the album digitally today, May 22.

We’re not sorry, either. We want the funk. We gotta have that funk. Oh mama…! We’re taking the handcuffs off and enjoying a bit of funkadelic afterglow. Join us and stream it HERE on Spotify.

GC and P-Funk get wild on the machinations of modern America’s medical systems. Songs include, “Medicated Creep”, “Pain Management”, “Insurance Man”, “I’m Gon Make You Sick O’Me” and more.

No promises, but we’re pretty sure they aren’t actually gon’ make us sick of them. They can try. However, they’d have to make up for 38 years of waiting that we didn’t even know was happening. So good luck, George. And thanks for the Tuesday tunes.

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