Local Anesthetic Injects Toledo with Hard Rock

. October 24, 2018.
(L-R) Tom Goss, Ron Hammersmith, Bob Goss and Mike Kelly
(L-R) Tom Goss, Ron Hammersmith, Bob Goss and Mike Kelly

While not a nationally touring band, Local Anesthetic has conquered the Toledo area since forming in 1995. Playing shows throughout Ohio and Michigan, and venturing as far as Chicago and Lexington, they even headlined the Kentucky Music Conference back in 2001.

Comprised of founding members Tom Goss, lead vocalist and keyboardist, and guitarist Ron Hammersmith, and the current addition of drummer Bob Goss, and bassist Mike Kelly, the four bandmates unanimously agree that the people of Toledo –– fans, friends, promoters or stage technicians — have contributed to their long-running success.

“We’re pretty lucky. We’re still making music that we love and that the people keep coming back for,” Bob Goss explains, “It’s just nice to have people follow you and appreciate what you’re doing.”

“One thing that has really kept us going is the different promoters that have a lot of good ideas.” Hammersmith added, “There’s a lot of people that care about the scene that try to put the shows together and promote them.”

It’s been about a year since the band’s last public appearance, their sold out 20th anniversary show, but fans can look forward to their upcoming concert at the Civic Music Hall on Saturday, November 3. Other local acts, Angola Road and Snake Head Ritual, will open for them.

Welcome to the show

Old school supporters and new fans alike, will hear some classics that haven’t been performed live in over a decade.

“We’re very proud, very pleased and very blessed, and we put that in our performances,” explains Tom Goss. If you’re into original, progressive and melodic music, you may want to come out. It’s one of those performances where the band feeds off the crowd’s energy. When the fans are excited, that adrenaline is transferred to the stage.

Kelly adds, “For me, there’s no drug in the world like it. I could never relate to you the rush that it is. You can’t explain that.”

Expect quality sound, lights, and other visual effects during the concert. The band acknowledges Jim White of IMIJ Sound and Lighting, who they have worked with over the years.

“He’s one of the few soundmen in the city that I trust explicitly,” says Kelly. From mixing behind the soundboard to physically modifying their gear, the band considers White an equal contributor to their live performances.

Reflecting back

Through the years, Civic Music Hall has changed names and ownership multiple times, but the building remains, providing a stage to showcase local tunes. The venue is meaningful for the band for this comeback performance.

“It’s the best club in town,” says Tom, “That bar alone has allowed so many bands to showcase their original music.”

“It’s probably the most iconic rock bar in Toledo history,” adds Bob, “It’s our Madison Square Garden.”

The four-piece looks forward to their return to the stage after a lengthy break. More than 20 years of friendship, musicianship and hard rock reunite for a night celebrating Toledo’s music scene.

Tickets, $7 advance, $10 at the door
7:30pm Saturday, November 3
Civic Music Hall, 135 S. Byrne Rd.