Fauxchella III

. April 10, 2019.

A two-day 40 performer event in BG

Summit Shack, a house-show music venue in Bowling Green, will put on a two-day cheeky alternative to the southern California desert music festival, Coachella, called Fauxchella. The third year for the event, which takes place April 12 and 13, boasts a line up that is so big, that all but the afterparty is being moved to Howard’s Club H.

Inspired by the road

Summit Shack, the residence of Bowling Green-based band, American Spirits, began hosting shows in 2017. Conor Alan, drummer and owner of the Summit Shack, credits a trip to Florida and California after graduation, coupled with an invigorating DJ set at a show after his trip, as inspiration for opening the venue. “I had never been to the west coast before, so visiting friends and experiencing the culture of Los Angeles inspired the ever-loving hell out of me. Everyone was busy, had goals, and desired to expand the creative environment around them.” Alan talked with his friends and current band members about “providing both a hub and platform for local artists ranging from photographers, videographers, singers, bands, DJs, producers, editors, comedians, to collaborate and work together.”

Those conversations led to the formation of the Same Collective, Alan’s attempt to cull the fertile arts scene in Bowling Green. After some tweaking, members of American Spirits decided to open their home as a venue to showcase the local arts community.

“Over the past year and a half we have hosted a large variety of events ranging from solo performers, bands, DJs, rappers and comedians. We have had only two noise complaints and both times we resolved them with no issues with law enforcement. We have plans to do drag shows, poetry nights, and art shows in the near future.”

The first Fauxchella event was actually the fourth show at the Summit Shack, held in September of 2017. Alan says it was planned in two days, with twelve performers that ranged from bands, DJs, solo performers and even comedians. The second Fauxchella, held in April last year, took about four months to plan, and also took place at the Summit Shack, with twenty-two performers with a similar range of performances.

Growing the sound

Fauxchella 2019 began the planning in November of 2018. As in years past, the event was set for the Summit Shack, however, the interest by performers was so significant that they decided to host a pre-party the day before, and an after party to accommodate all the performers. According to Alan, forty-four bands, including solo artists, comedians, DJs, and rappers will perform at the two-day event, between the pre- and -post parties at the Summit Shack, and other perfomances at Howard’s Club H.

For more information, view the Facebook page for The Summit Shack (facebook.com/SummitShack) or Howard’s Club H (facebook.com/pg/HowardsBG).