Brahms v. Radiohead at the Valentine

. February 11, 2020.

Radiohead’s landmark 1997 release, OK Computer, with its slow drama and conceptual sweeps of sound, has earned a cult following on its own, but fans will enjoy a new way to hear the album on March 7. The Toledo Symphony has teamed up with Stereo Hideout Productions and composer, conductor, producer, DJ, arranger, songwriter, pianist, and rapper Steve Hackman for Brahms v. Radiohead, to perform Brahms’s First Symphony interwoven by music from Radiohead’s OK Computer. “This is not just music for pops fans or fans of classical music,” says Felecia Kanney, Director of Marketing for the Toledo Symphony. “There’s great depth to the arrangements. The music slides seamlessly from one to the other. The combination of these two masterpieces from two different centuries is just pure genius and incredibly entertaining. It’s music for everyone.”

Tickets start at $25 | 8pm | Saturday, March 7
Valentine Theater, 410 Adams St.
419-246-8000 |