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Kozy Brand: Sylvania Native’s Brand Helps You Look and Feel Good

Clothing is more than articles of fabric we wear; it’s a reflection of current trends and an avenue of self expression. Recent clothing trends emphasize comfortability.  It is hard to argue with looking good and feeling good.  That is the premise behind the clothing and lifestyle company, Kozy Brand.

Kozy Brand’s Story

Founded in 2022 and based in Atlanta and Los Angeles, Kozy Brand was started by two young creatives that focus on expressing freedom and promoting positive living. 

Kozy Brand founders Momolu Sherif (Sylvania Southview, Class of 2011) and Jordan Collins (who grew up in Columbus) met and became friends while attending Ohio University. The friendship continued after college and as the two began their careers. “With a lot of free time during the pandemic and with Jordan and I both working in the corporate world, our mutual entrepreneurial spirit made us realize we wanted to own something ourselves,” Sherif said. “After going back and forth regarding what we like and what we’re interested in – [we came up with] Kozy Brand.” 

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Sherif and Collins started work on the company in 2020 with their first release in 2022. “It kind of came together in a true partnership, it’s been amazing,” Sherif explains, adding that Kozy Brand differs from other fashion companies with originality, and also for being a lifestyle brand. 

The Kozy Brand offers clothes for people to feel stylish and comfortable. Image courtesy of

“We’re built on being confident and being your true authentic self,” Sherif said. “That’s what we try to bring out of people through our clothing: having them feel comfortable and confident in the garments that they’re wearing.” 

Behind each clothing release (or “drop” in industry speak), Kozy Brand strives to tell a story through the expression of fashion and style.  The designing of the clothing stems from Sherif and Collins brainstorming with the assistance of clothing designers and industry workers. 

“Being based in Atlanta and Los Angeles and having Ohio roots, we want to release different things for different parts of the country that people will be interested in no matter what the weather is,” Sherif added. 

Since the company’s launch in 2022, Kozy Brand’s growth has been significant which Sherif  attributes to email marketing and the use of social media.  Additional growth also came from doing “pop ups”, temporary retail locations, in Columbus, Atlanta and Los Angeles, as a way of being face-to-face with the general public. “The goal is to continue that growth, we don’t want to be stagnant,” Sherif said. 

Kozy Brand – Looking Forward

Heading into 2024, the Kozy Brand founders want to build more brand awareness and continue to host pop ups to increase sales and notoriety. Additionally, Kozy Brand is looking to branch out into home goods to establish itself as a lifestyle brand. 

Despite the plans for expansion, Sherif highlights the constant with the company as the partnership between himself and Collins. “Jordan and I are best friends,” Sherif said. “We’re really trying to build this together from the ground up because Stay Kozy is a true partnership.”

Tanner Wertz
Tanner Wertz

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