Toledo According To Diana Patton

. April 10, 2019.

Years lived in Toledo: 30 years

Occupation: CEO of Diana R. Patton Consulting, LLC – speaker, author, attorney and social justice advocate.

My story, in one sentence: I am capable of rising above my circumstances, pushing past abuse, trauma and worn-out mental narratives, being resilient, accepting every challenge, and committing to living my very best life through my spiritual practice of connecting to God, every single day, and following Jesus.

One song lyric to describe my ideal self: And I’ll rise up, I’ll rise like the Day, I’ll rise up, I’ll rise unafraid, I’ll rise up, and I’ll do it a thousand times again

Most people know me for: Encouraging and inspiring people to live their very best life, unapologetically talking about my family and my love for living a healthy lifestyle by practicing yoga at Yogaja Yoga. I’m also a former avid runner, and love eating healthy good food!

The best thing I’ve ever eaten in Toledo was: at Bangkok Kitchen. Allow me to repeat— Bangkok kitchen. Of course, I MUST mention Tandoor, Byblos, Balance, Local Roots Juice Company, and the Beirut.

The best view in Toledo: On a nice WARM summer day, sitting on the patio at The Heights in Toledo.

When I’m craving an Acai bowl or some “Get Right” tea, I go to Local Roots Juice Company in Perrysburg, and the Rustbelt.


The reason I am most proud of myself right now: Owning, loving and living my story. I’m constantly reclaiming my power by examining what I feel and giving myself permission to respond without emotional baggage. And when I do mess up, I apologize and I do not hold myself hostage to shame, guilt or blame.

What makes me truly feel alive: Cooking and serving an amazing meal, sitting at a table, with family, and close friends, a really great bottle of red wine and TONS of laughter.

The last time I had a serious-oh-my-god-my-stomach-hurts-now belly laugh was when I was with Tonya Rider and Rhonda Sewell at Deborah Porter’s old house. There’s a photo to prove it.


If you could have a drink with any person or character— fictional, real, living or past— who would it be, what would you drink, and why? It would be with Michelle Obama, and we’d either have a glass of wine or sip on some great tea, and brainstorm on how we can improve the school systems, and how we would work together to help young people RISE up and believe in themselves.


What I’m listening to: Peter Collins “Sunshine”

On a typical day, I wear: yoga attire, casual and relaxing clothing, and warm socks!

I could sum up my personal style with these five words: It is not that serious.

What were some of the most challenging, yet enriching, tasks you’ve completed? Completing my book, Inspiration In My Shoes, and my newest book, This Yogi’s Journey, which you can find on my website,, or purchase from Amazon. All of my yoga photos from This Yogi’s Journey are of me doing yoga in downtown Toledo.