Tuesday, October 3, 2023

TMACOG offers free gas cap testing and replacement throughout July

On three dates this month, vehicle owners can have their gas caps tested and replaced free of charge by the Toledo Metropolitan Area Council of Governments. It’s a quick and easy way to save you money and help protect the environment. Check that your vehicle’s gas cap is secure in a simple drive-up process on one of these dates:

–  11am-2pm Tuesday, July 19 at Perrysburg High School (13385 Roachton Road, Perrysburg)
–  11am-2pm Thursday, July 21 at Westgate Village (3450 Central Avenue, Toledo)
–  11am-2pm Thursday, July 28 at Woodland Mall (1234 N Main Street, Bowling Green)

Not sure if you need your gas cap tested? If your vehicle is older, your check engine light is on unexpectedly, or turns on just after getting gas, the cap may need to be replaced. Even with a newer vehicle, it’s a smart idea to check just in case. Caps could be broken, improperly sealed, or lost, and a free one can easily be put on your vehicle. Simply drive up to a testing location, wait for an employee to do a compression test, get a replacement (bonus gift included for early attendees!).

Many factors in today’s world contribute to pollution, and stopping in for a test is an easy way to prevent harm to the ozone layer. If your gas cap isn’t properly sealed, you could be contributing to a thinning ozone layer. You can even save the cost of about 2 tanks of gas yearly if your cap is on securely. In addition, you could improve on fuel efficiency from 1-2 percent, allowing you to make fewer trips to the pump. 

This event is part of TMACOG’s mission to improve the quality of life in our region through volunteer work in water quality, transportation, and economic development. To learn more about their efforts in the community, visit tmacog.org.

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