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Dining Guide Awards 2022: Plates

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Creative Burger

WINNER: Bar 145
5305 Monroe St. 419-593-0073.

RUNNER UP: Bergers Bar and Grill

Creative Pizzas

WINNER: The Village Idiot
309 Conant St., Maumee. 419-893-7281.

RUNNER UP: Basil Pizza and Wine Bar


WINNER: Mancy’s Steakhouse
983 Phillips Ave. 419-476-4154.

RUNNER UP: Benchmark Restaurant


WINNER: Rayoka Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi
465 W. Dussel Dr., Maumee. 419-794-0038.

Whether you want something traditional or a little more unique, Rayoka’s sushi selection has you covered. Offering tons of standard sushi favorites at good prices, Rayoka also features quite a few unique creations, including the “Maumee Roll,” featuring shrimp, avocado, tuna, spicy mayo and more. Stop by and try the city’s sushi!

RUNNER UP: Domo Sushi


WINNER: Sidon Lebanese Grille & Bakery
4625 W. Bancroft St. 419-558-3900

RUNNER UP: The Beirut


WINNER: J&G Pizza Palace
5692 Main St., Sylvania. 419-882-6061.

RUNNER UP: Zingo’s Mediterranean

Mac N’ Cheese

WINNER: Ye Olde Durty Bird
2 S. St. Clair St. 419-243-2473.

RUNNER UP: Maybe Cheese Born with It


WINNER: Schmucker’s
2103 N. Reynolds Rd. 419-535-9116.

RUNNER UP: Mayberry Diner


WINNER: Porkbelly’s BBQ
1616 E. Wooster St., Bowling Green. 419-819-4465.

RUNNER UP: Shorty’s True American Roadhouse


WINNER: Ventura’s Mexican Restaurant
7742 W. Bancroft St. 419-841-7523.

RUNNER UP: San Marcos

Local Fried Chicken

WINNER: Odd Fodder
26520 N. Dixie Hwy., Perrysburg. 419-386-9800.

If we’re being picky, Odd Fodder refers to it as fried “chik’n,” but their menu items all taste so good we’re okay with the different spelling. Whether diners want chunks, wings, sandwiches, wraps or even mac and cheese with chunks added, Odd Fodder offers a remarkable number of ways to enjoy this “Odd Bird.”

RUNNER UP: Snapper’s Seafood and Chicken
Search “Snapper’s Seafood and Chicken” on Facebook.

Pasta Dish

WINNER: Rosie’s Italian Grille
606 N. McCord Rd. 419-866-5007. 

RUNNER UP: Sidelines Italian Grille

Killer Salads

WINNER: Grumpy’s
34 S. Huron. 419-241-6728.
5629 Main St., Sylvania. 419-517-4448.
121 S. Main St., Bowling Green. 419-205-9021.

RUNNER UP: The Salad Galley


WINNER: Frogtown Johnnie’s
6725 W. Central Ave. 419-843-2999.

RUNNER UP: Ye Olde Durty Bird


WINNER: Dollop Shop
3144 Markway Rd. 567-315-8769.

The sweet treats at the Dollop Shop are as delicious to the taste buds as they are beautiful to the eye. Offering fresh-made cakes, cookies, macarons, ice cream and more, the ever-evolving menu at the Shop will surprise and delight each time you visit. Better yet, you can either take your items to go or enjoy them in the Shop’s friendly dessert parlor.

RUNNER UP: Jera’s Heavenly Sweet

Keto Options

WINNER: Basil Pizza and Wine Bar
3145 Hollister Ln., Perrysburg. 419-873-6218.

RUNNER UP: Fowl and Fodder

Gluten-Free Options

WINNER: The Leaf & Seed Cafe
116 10th St. 419-407-5333.

RUNNER UP: The Mindful Table

Vegan/Vegetarian Options

WINNER: The Leaf & Seed Cafe
116 10th St. 419-407-5333.

RUNNER UP: The Mindful Table

Best Healthy Lunch

WINNER: Poco Piatti
9 N. St. Clair St.
6710 W. Central Ave. #1
3155 Chappel Dr., Perrysburg.

RUNNER UP: The Leaf & Seed Cafe

Most Instagram-Worthy Plates

WINNER: Souk Mediterranean Kitchen and Bar
139 S. Huron. 567-777-7685.

RUNNER UP: Benchmark Restaurant

Comfort Food

WINNER: The Black Forest Cafe
3624 Seaman Rd., Oregon. 419-593-0092.

Sometimes you want a unique and creative meal. And sometimes, you just want a great pretzel. In that case, Black Forest Cafe has you covered, with a menu full of great German food, including wurst, schnitzel and other traditional favorites. Throw in some great burgers, steaks and, of course, lager to wash it down with, and it’s no wonder that people go running toward this Black Forest.

RUNNER UP: Schmucker’s


WINNER: Smokin’ Olive Deli
3726 S. Detroit Ave. Unit A. 419-351-0690.

Smokin’ Olive started primarily as a catering business, but during the COVID shutdown, customers started coming in to order sandwiches. Soon, the Olive’s delicious fresh-made creations became the talk of the town. A sandwich, chips and a drink only cost $11, a great value given the amount and quality of the ingredients used. Be sure to try The Tony!

RUNNER UP: The Original Sub Shop & Deli

Healthy Selections

WINNER: Poco Piatti
9 N. St. Clair St.
6710 W. Central Ave. #1
3155 Chappel Dr., Perrysburg.

RUNNER UP: Balance Pan Asian Grille

Local Artisanal Food Product

WINNER: Feez Fusions

Looking to shake yourself out of your BBQ sauce blahs? Feez Fusions offer the perfect solution. Offering locally made apple butter sauces in a variety of flavors— everything from mild to spicy and honey mustard— Feez delivers a unique twist on traditional flavors in a healthier form. Shoppers can find Feez at many local retailers, including Sautter’s and various Farmers Markets.

RUNNER UP: Boochy Mama’s


WINNER: Cocina De Carlos
27072 Carronade Dr. Perrysburg. 419-872-0200.
205 Farnsworth Rd., Waterville. 419-878-0261.

RUNNER UP: Condado Tacos

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