Monday, April 15, 2024

Deseo Celebrates Its First Full Year

How many formative or compelling conversations have taken place over the course of a meal? An impossible question to answer, but one that highlights the importance of Deseo, a “Modern Mexican” experience with focus on culture and humanity.

There is a clear desire for people to connect over every sip, word and bite that transpires over their meals. Co-owner Krystyn Haro said it best: “Food is the basis for everything.”

The family owned restaurant has just finished its first year in Toledo, at Cricket West. The staff feels they have been warmly welcomed in the city, allowing them to expand their menu without straying from their specialty, Tapas.

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Though the shareable meals have strong connections to Spanish culture Luis Haro and his family have added a Mexican flare to their food which separates and elevates the flavor of everything they create. Each meal is carefully designed by Luis himself. Once inspiration strikes and proper ingredients are selected the first critics to approve or reject any of Luis’ ideas are his family. After sharing the food with those closest to him, Luis and the Deseo team are ready to bring their culinary craft to the public.

This intimate approach can be felt in every aspect of their restaurant. The staff helps immerse guests with pleasant and knowledgeable dialogue which sets the tone for the rest of the meal. The atmosphere of the building encourages conversation amongst guests and staff, creating a social experience from start to end which feels unique for Toledo.

Though the friendly banter and laughter throughout the bar is a part of Deseo’s identity, what brings people through the door is the food. The three words that best describe their entire menu, from cocktails to desserts, are fresh, fragrant and balanced. The quality of the ingredients improves the meal from its taste to its appearance. Each component builds on one another, the flavors evolving to a crescendo cued by the bold Mexican inspired spices.

Despite many dishes having rich heat nothing feels overwhelming, owing to the extensive care and thought that Luis and his family have put into every menu ingredient. Whether it be intentional or coincidental there are offerings which satisfy a host of dietary concerns, adding the comfort of accessibility to the menu. As a whole the feeling at the end of your meal is nothing short of satisfaction. A warm bright feeling one expects from home cooked meals, if all home cooked meals were as visually vibrant as they were on the palate. 

With their rising popularity Deseo now offers a full brunch menu Saturday, Sunday and Monday. While the diverse menu is equally as impressive as their primary offerings, it is the intentions behind the accommodating brunch schedule which show the staff’s true nature. Offering brunch across multiple days and on a Monday no less may seem initially odd to some but the owners expressed a desire for an “Industry Day,” a growing trend amongst small business owners that allows those who would normally be working over the weekend to relax on a less eventful weekday. Luis and Krystyn met working in the industry and do not seem to have forgotten their roots. 

The name Deseo means “to wish for” or “to desire,” a fitting name according to Krystyn, who says, “This has been a dream come true” for her and her family. Words many have uttered in the past with little conviction, however there is no doubt the Deseo staff desires for a unique and social experience. Their palpable passion is the seed for every vivacious conversation that is shared in their restaurant.

Deseo restaurant, 3137 Central Ave. 419-214-0583.

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