Thursday, June 20, 2024

Comedian Alex Reymundo Hosts Private Tequila Tasting at Lupita’s

A select few at Lupita’s Cantina were in for a treat as one of the Latin Kings of Comedy, Alex Reymundo, hosted a private tequila tasting and dinner pairing for the comedian’s tequila brand, Number JUAN tequila.

Less than 60 people gathered at Lupita’s Cantina, 209 Louisiana Ave., for an evening of cocktails, food prepared with the tequila, education on the brand, a meet and greet with the comedian and music featuring Best of Toledo winner Abbigale.


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Among the featured menu items were cheese dip in corn sauce, shrimp ceviche, margarita chicken, roasted pork in drunk salsa with white rice, beef barbacoa street tacos and a key lime tequila tart to finish. All of which featured Number JUAN tequila varities.

The cocktails also featured the tequila, including a cucumber margarita, the red-mexican margarita, Carlos’ top shelf margarita, and Juanchata for dessert.

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“The tequila is amazing,” Reymundo said. “I can’t take credit for what’s in the bottle; that’s all the heart and passion of the distillery. I am just honored to be the owner of the brand and the mouthpiece to the United States to introduce it to everybody.”

Founders Alex Reymundo in conjunction with fellow comedian Ron White wanted to create a luxurious tequila that can be enjoyed by everyone. Distilled with only the finest ingredients in Jalisco, Mexico, Number JUAN Tequila was born and continues to grow across the United States.

There are three varities: blanco, reposado and extra anejo. All three were used in the dishes and cocktails of the tasting.

Reymundo expressed his gratitude to Carlos and Lupita Mendez, owners of Lupita’s who hosted the evening on the patio of their restaurant and created the entire menu for the evening. He also expressed gratitude to those in attendance, noting his love for sharing this tequila with the United States.

“My family are immigrants – I’m an immigrant myself, I came here when I was two years old,” Reymundo said. “I’m from the hospitality background and now I’m in showbusiness, which is still hospitality. But I grew up waiting tables, washing dishes, bartending, and to be able to now share my comedy and share my tequila with the nation and spend evenings like we are tonight, it just means everything to me. I get a little teary-eyed when I talk about it, but it’s just from my heart.”

The tasting, on Wednesday, May 2, was followed by an Alex Reymundo performance at the Funny Bone comedy club in Levis Commons, where he served some of the cocktails with Number JUAN tequila.

Number JUAN tequila is not yet available in all 50 states, but it is currently available in Ohio.

“It comes from their heart, it comes from my heart, so I hope you enjoy it,” Reymundo said.

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