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Toledo Jeep Fest Announces Details For Upcoming Festival

Toledo Jeep Fest sponsors and organizers, including TARTA and Tony Packo’s announced details for the upcoming summer festival, which is set for Aug. 1-4, with a special press release at Packo’s at the Park on Monday morning.

What is now the biggest event of the summer, started nine years ago in 2016, bringing 40,000 people downtown to celebrate Toledo’s Jeep history. Since then, the event has grown to massive proportions, with 72,000 people visiting downtown at the 2023 Jeep Fest, bringing $5.1 million to the City of Toledo last year, according to Lucas County Commissioner, Lisa Sobecki.

“That’s 72,000 people who spent money in our shops and restaurants, stayed in our hotels, bought gas and participated in all the exciting events Jeep Fest has to offer. And that 72,000 people are going to be coming back home and tell their families, friends and co-workers about an awesome experience,” Sobecki said.

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With the success of last year’s event, there is no doubt that this year’s Jeep Fest will be even bigger, event organizers said.

“We’re gonna be downtown on Friday more than we’ve ever been in the past Jeep Fest. The Vendor Midway and other attractions will start earlier, so there’s more to do. The Glass City Crawlers are going to be hosting a Block Party on Friday and if you’ve ever been to a Crawlers event, you’ll remember it. If not, go make a memory with them,” Lucas County Commissioner and Chairman of the Toledo Jeep Fest Board of Directors Pete Gerken said.

The main attraction of the event that shuts down downtown Toledo, the All-Jeep Parade is sponsored by Yark Automotive Group this year. The parade takes place on Saturday, Aug. 5 starting at 10 am.

“All Jeep Parade as everybody knows as the Jeeps in the 1000s rolled down the streets downtown with all the onlookers cheering them on. Been always excited to watch them leave the starting line if you will, and parade around town and just what a great weekend for the City of Toledo Jeep and all the workers at the Jeep plant,” Doug Kearns, Vice President of Yark Automotive Group, said.

TARTA 2024 Summer Bus Wrap

TARTA also revealed their summertime bus wrap for the upcoming 2024 season at the event. The theme of this year’s wrap is “ride the wave,” an “ode” to Jeep owner’s traditional greeting to fellow Jeep owners.

Residents and visitors alike will be able to get around Toledo with ease during Jeep Fest weekend. According to Lara Koprowski, CEO of TARTA, the Jeep Fest Express will also be available for event attendees again this year.

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The bus service costs $3 round trip. Children 6 and under ride free. All buses are wheelchair and stroller accessible to accommodate the needs of all riders.

They also added a second location for people to park their cars and hop on the TARTA bus.

Passengers can board the shuttle service to the 2024 Jeep Fest at both Franklin Park Mall and Starr Elementary in Oregon this year.

“We want them to have an easy, affordable, accessible way to get down and let the streets be taken over by Jeep Fest and we’ll take care of the rest,” Koprowski said.

Baumhower, Koprowski and Gerken signed the famous Tony Packo’s hotdog buns.

Three local celebrities including Gerken, Koprowski and Bruce Baumhower, President of UAW Local 12 and member of the Jeep Fest committee signed the famous Tony Packo’s hotdog buns, which is one of the event sponsors this year, to commemorate the event.

“Our location here at Packo’s at the Park is close to TARTA Dugout and we are near all the action for Toledo Jeep Fest. Looking forward to working together to celebrate all the great things about our city,” Lindsey Bond, Senior Director of Operations and Marketing for Tony Packo’s, said.

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