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Order on the Way competes with big corporate food delivery

A byproduct of COVID was the growth and acceptance of food delivery services like Grubhub, Uber Eats, and DoorDash. According to Statista, global revenue for online food delivery continues to increase and has nearly doubled since 2017 ( 

But the big companies synonymous with food delivery are not the only option. Local food entrepreneur Mitchel Barkley founded Order on the Way 26 years ago. After graduating from Indiana University and working for a similar company in Fort Wayne, Barkley has been coordinating deliveries for more than 50 restaurants in the Toledo area for over two decades.

A local company competing with industry giants must provide prompt, affordable service that people expect. Toledo City Paper supports local and a local company delivering local food is something we had to try. Here is how it went.

Our Order Was On The Way
Find the Order on the Way app in the App Store. After quick and painless account creation, and an even quicker address search, a delectable lunch was all but “on the way”. 

The app is seamless and easy to navigate. Without any superfluous extra bells and whistles,  users can easily order food, avoiding complications with initial set-up or use.  Order On The Way offered 34 restaurants in our area, which has proven to be a dead zone for many corporate delivery giants. From Packo’s to Don Juan, Spicy Tuna to PizzaRoma, and even Chuck E. Cheese’s, the app offers a wide variety of food selections.  Some national chains are included for those who succumb to the incessant marketing or who have aversions to the local side of Toledo-area dining.

We narrowed the selection between Star of India and Bangkok Kitchen. In the end, we went with Star of India: Lamb tikka masala and vegetable pakora.  An email from Order on the Way, few hours after the meal was delivered thanked us for our first-time business, offering 50% off our next delivery fee.

The order arrived within the estimated time, hot, correct and intact (no missing biscuits or desserts, etc.), and plenty of updates were sent throughout the process.  While still not the same as eating out,  the service was efficient and economical and we will use it again in the future. Use Order On The Way by downloading the app or visiting

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