Butterfly effect

After a bike wreck which resulted in months of severe pain, director Tom Shadyac (Ace Ventura, Bruce Almighty), sold his house, moved into a trailer park and set out to find the answer to broad questions that have confused great minds for a long time: What’s wrong with this world and how can it be fixed?

Red State.

Its a befuddling situation — to define who and what Kevin Smith really is. Aside from “Dogma,” most of his films have been mildly entertaining at best, and some of his decisions make you scratch your head.


During my assignment trying Toledo’s Thai restaurants, I learned a few things -— that I am completely inept with a pair of chopsticks; that chasing rice around the plate with a fork is silly (I do as the Thais do now, and use the fork to push my rice onto the spoon); and that the delicious heap of slippery and spicy noodles known as pad thai on offer in Toledo’s Thai eateries is as good (or better) than the stuff available in take-out boxes in New York City and Los Angeles (I know because I’ve tried them). Here, TCP offers a guide to the restaurants that give the noodle dish (and other Thai specialties) a good name. 

Stroke of Luck

40,000 applied.
1,300 were hired. Meet some of the people cashing in on the
job creation
promised by the
Hollywood Casino, opening May 29th.

Pampering the old-fashioned way

One of the only places in life men have drawn the short stick — the salon. While women finish a haircut with a bouncy blow-dry, men walk out with itch-inducing hairs in their collar. It’s an experience local business owners Greg Ballmer and Lisa Bachmayer want to completely update.

Long live the (new) king

Don’t miss a long-lost Toledo tradition that’s come roaring back in recent years, as the King Wamba Carnival Parade launches this year’s Old West End Festival.

On the rebound

It’s one of the many nice things about Toledoans. We tend to forgive and forget.That trait is especially pronounced when it comes to city politics.