New Community Radio Station Launches in Toledo

WAKT We Act Radio is a new community-based radio station broadcasting daily at 106.1FM. At the station’s October 1 Open House the public was able to tour the studio space, to learn about the radio station and how the community can interact with the station through creative programming and volunteering. 

The Origin

A project of the local non-profit Toledo Integrated Media Education (TIME), WAKT focuses on providing a platform for underrepresented perspectives in the local media landscape. Although TIME received licensing for the station in 2014, the station was not fully operated until December 2017 and began full time programming in the fall of 2022. The purchasing of broadcasting equipment and other necessary resources were made possible through community fundraising and donations. “We’re a community radio station and it really took the community to come together in so many ways to make it possible,” explained station founder Sean Nestor. 

After a long search to find a studio space and working through very strict guidelines, the station found a home for the studio at 526 High Street, off Broadway, just south of downtown Toledo, through a partnership with the Seagate Food Bank of Northwest Ohio, which also occupies part of the building. 

Opportunities to get involved

The radio station broadcasts selections which emphasize local talent by providing residents with the chance to turn ideas into music, talk shows, podcasts and other forms of creative programming. The station provides studio space, air time and training to facilitate regular programming. Empty time slots are filled with a rotating playlist of hundreds of songs by local musicians.

“We want people who live and work in Toledo to be able to hear themselves, their neighbors, their co-workers and their friends on the radio… We want to be a voice for Toledo and to provide a way for Toledoans to know each other and to foster that sense of community,” Nestor said. 

To submit programming ideas to the station, prospective hosts can apply on the WAKT website to have their show screened. Applicants selected for their content ideas will be contacted to create a pilot episode. Based on the quality of the pilot episode, applicants may be given a time slot on the station at no cost. 

The community will also be involved with the station through student programming at local educational institutions. WAKT partners with schools and colleges (that do not normally incorporate broadcasting into their curriculum) to provide students with real-world experience and the skills needed to become professional broadcasters and hosts. 

Station operations are currently controlled by an all-volunteer board of directors and experienced community volunteers. As WAKT continues to grow and secure its connection with the Toledo community, the station is seeking volunteers and interns to help with social media apps, messaging and other local outreach.

For more information, contact the team at WAKT at 419-768-6142 or visit