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Why #youwilldobetterintoledo

#youwilldobetterintoledo has been the buzzing message on social media for the past two years, but the sentiment’s story started 101 years ago and will enter a new chapter tonight. Mayor D. Michael Collins has announced that the City of Toledo will begin the installation of a series of 55 signs with the 101-year-old slogan, “You

Cosby controversy hits close to home

Bill Cosby’s promotional team and select venues have decided to postpone a few show from his stand-up tour, but Sandusky State Theatre has chosen to maintain the date for his upcoming performance on Friday, January 30. The theater is aware of the scandal surrounding Cosby, and has provided a prominent write-up, securing their invitation for the

Thanksgiving Family Favorites

Give thanks this season with a celebration of the good things in life—friends, family and of course, food. Here are tried and true recipe favorites from our staff and contributing writers. Sweet Baked Corn Soufflé 2 eggs 2 8-oz. cans corn 1 stick of butter 1 c. sugar   Melt Butter. Mix in pan. Bake