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Making the Cut

Contemporary barbering relies on dextrous electric clipper control and a knack for shading fades. The best barbers can carve designs into the side of someone’s head with measured strokes akin to maneuvering a motorized paintbrush.

Cuban Lunch Downtown

Hungering for lunch options apart from Downtown Toledo’s selection of rightfully familiar eateries has become something of an unspoken precondition of working in the city center. Though Bleak House Coffee (612 Adams) already pulls some of this city’s finest espresso while dishing out fresh baked goods on the daily, the coffee shop now boasts Cuban

Is Inaction Criminal?

Headlining the 2018 David S. Stone Law Lecture at the University of Toledo College of Law on November 5, author and current University of Utah law professor Amos N. Guiora will present a lecture on his latest book, The Crime of Complicity: The Bystander in the Holocaust.