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Hobson’s choice

Freedom of choice. From our earliest days of civics training, we are told that’s what makes a democracy — the freedom to choose our representatives in self-governance. Those who yearn to represent us put themselves forward as candidates, and we get the freedom tochoose from among these worthy gentle folk. Freedom predicated upon a splendid

Modern Romans

Hey all you suburbanites, exurbanites and other assorted denizens of the far flung estates! Yeah, y’all, safe in your hermetically sealed bungalows, checking your net worth on the Internet and voting your conservative values.

All systems go!

The Dog Warden hired a behavior consultant. For the dogs. We’re not making this up.       Let’s face it, peeps. Mike Bell is in over his head.    We mean that in the best possible way. He was recruited as the most likely choice to beat Carty for a fourth term as Toledo’s