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Butt Heads; The Great Lopez v. Gerken Battle

What is Anita Lopez up to? Perhaps she is simply a great anti-corruption fighter, a champion of fiscal accountability. Her position as Lucas County Auditor certainly demands it. So maybe her recent head-butting with Lucas County Commissioner Pete Gerken over a fat consultant contract with Chris Redfern, former state chair of the Democratic Party, stems

Post-mortem: Coming Soon to City Politics

Deadlines being what they are, we write this column before the November election. But there are no excuses in politics, nor in opinion columns, so we bravely make post-election predictions before the elections are tallied. Writing in past tense while predicting the future is only one of the pitfalls of such bold prognostication, but we’re

City Politics 2018

The wages of apathy The power of the non-voter They’re out there. They come cloaked as normal American citizens, going about their daily routines as if they give two shucky darns. They’ll even deny their true colors if asked. Unfortunately, there are more of them than there are of us. They stifle progress through subterfuge,