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Saturday night in Toledo, Ohio: Power and responsibility

To protect and to serve. Five short, simple words on every  Toledo police car that describe a lofty aspiration.  To protect Toledoans.  And to serve us. And in that short phrase lies the weight of responsibility expected of those carefully selected and trained to  serve in the Toledo Police Department. We are told that police

The new normal in City Politics

Exactly what in tarnation just happened? We sure went through some crazy bull honky, didn’t we peeps? Recommendations and mandates coming atcha so fast ‘n furious it was impossible to keep up. Groups of fifty, then ten, then only immediate household members. Social distancing, six feet away, without masks, then with. Oh wait, shelter in

Free Fallin’: City Budget Woes Are Here Again

Sometimes we hate it when we’re right. Not long ago, as the COVID-19 lockdown began its stranglehold here in the Swamp, we predicted it would ravage City coffers. Most of the City of Toledo’s general fund budget comes from income tax revenue. Income tax comes from, well, income. Income assumes employment. It therefore wasn’t difficult

New Normal: Lessons from the Pandemic

Wow, things sure have changed, huh? The first coupla months of twenty twenty were just swimming along like normal.  The Primary season was in full swing. Wade was out there pushing his “fix the damn roads” initiative.  Folks were making the bold decision of whether to vote on March seventeenth or whether to drink cheap

Happy days are gone again in City Politics

We were supposed to have the unofficial results of the Ohio primary election to digest and regurgitate. The race to replace John Tharp as LC Sheriff should have taken several precious column inches. The fate of Toledo’s Issue One should have taken most of the rest. Plus maybe some musings on the rush to replace