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Whither the city?

Four elected members of Toledo City Council have disgraced themselves. All four now stand indicted by a federal grand jury on charges of conspiracy and extortion. All face the possibility of decades in federal prison which, given their respective ages, could mean life sentences. And yet the sun comes up in the morning, and the

History repeats itself: Lessons from the fall

Another day, another dollar. Or five hundred, or five thousand dollars.      By now we assume you have all heard the sordid tale, if not all the details.  On a recent sunny day, four members of Toledo City Council were arrested by federal agents and charged with accepting cash and other things of value in exchange

Sound of Silence: All quiet in City Politics

     Listen.  Can you hear it?      No, not the ominous booming of war zone grade fireworks on the next block over.  Listen between the booms.      See?      Unlike any summer any of us can remember, there is a quiet that has settled in over the land.   A time of solitude and quiet reflection, neighbors grilling out

Reckoning: Test day in City Politics

Oh, those halcyon days of the twenty teens. From the depths of the Great Recession, T-Town emerged out the other side on the upswing. Downtown development surged into Uptown. The long-awaited Marina District development finally became a reality. Southwyck was sold to heavy hitter Amazon. City coffers were fat, and city leaders were sassy. Happy

Saturday night in Toledo, Ohio: Power and responsibility

To protect and to serve. Five short, simple words on every  Toledo police car that describe a lofty aspiration.  To protect Toledoans.  And to serve us. And in that short phrase lies the weight of responsibility expected of those carefully selected and trained to  serve in the Toledo Police Department. We are told that police

The new normal in City Politics

Exactly what in tarnation just happened? We sure went through some crazy bull honky, didn’t we peeps? Recommendations and mandates coming atcha so fast ‘n furious it was impossible to keep up. Groups of fifty, then ten, then only immediate household members. Social distancing, six feet away, without masks, then with. Oh wait, shelter in