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Red tide: Budget woes in City Politics

    At least the local election is over.      No fussing or whining, no frivolous lawsuits or wild unsupported allegations, no petulance or juvenile pouting. Nope, not here, buddy, and not now.      The votes are counted and certified. Stick a fork in it, Gertrude, ‘cause it’s done. Election post mortem      Sorta like the meteoric rise

Hildo: Rhapsody in blue – Fearless predictions in the age of COVID

    It’s an election like no other.      For years we have pointed out that there is no such thing as Election Day anymore. Instead we have Election Season. It started with a bill, championed by Ohio legislators like Toledo’s own Edna Brown, which morphed from no fault absentee voting to full fledged in person

Hildo 8-12: Sign Off: Electioneering in a Pandemic

Random thoughts from a randomly functioning mind. Seems about right for that wacky thing called Year Twenty Twenty. Tootling around T Town lately we were struck by the lack of political signs. We understand that politicking is curtailed by the virus. Hard to press flesh from six feet away. Even harder to kiss babies with

Whither the city?

Four elected members of Toledo City Council have disgraced themselves. All four now stand indicted by a federal grand jury on charges of conspiracy and extortion. All face the possibility of decades in federal prison which, given their respective ages, could mean life sentences. And yet the sun comes up in the morning, and the

History repeats itself: Lessons from the fall

Another day, another dollar. Or five hundred, or five thousand dollars.      By now we assume you have all heard the sordid tale, if not all the details.  On a recent sunny day, four members of Toledo City Council were arrested by federal agents and charged with accepting cash and other things of value in exchange