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Deep Six: Anybody’s Ball Game in Toledo District Six

And then there’s the real wild card in City Politics. To recap, we have handicapped the races for Toledo’s District Council races over the past several columns. We have covered Districts One through Five, with our usual fearless and well-reasoned prognostications. That leaves District Six. A head scratcher if ever there was one. District Council

No Contest: For better and worse in City Politics

And then there were three. We’ve handicapped three of the six races for Toledo City Council district representatives. The remaining three districts are some of the most intriguing. This edition, we break down Districts Four and Five. District 4. Current Incumbent Yvonne Harper. Harper is a fascinating character in City Politics. She has been a

Hildy’s Twenty Nineteen

Good, Bad, and Ugly in City Politics It’s that time of year, when pampered millionaires from across the fruited plain come together for self-aggrandizement and awards show ratings. We sit betwixt the Grammys and the Oscars. Red carpets ablaze, and stars aplenty. Not to be outdone, we offer our annual Hildys, the coveted award for