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A House Revisited

A Doll’s House Pt. 2, set fifteen years after the initial play’s ending, examines what has happened in the life of Nora and Torvald in the time since she famously slammed the door on their marriage.

Holy Toledo! The 419 Pop Culture Quiz

From Klinger’s love for his hometown to Jack Griffin returning to the Glass City in A.P. Bio, Toledo has been cast in film and television for decades. Here are nine trivia questions to test your pop culture mettle about the ways our humble city has been depicted on the big and small screen. Q: What famous

In Pursuit of Low-Budget Thrills

A woman hides from a bounty hunter. Ruthless and aided by three threatening drones, the hunter methodically chases her through a futuristic, industrial building where danger seems to lurk around every corner. This is the premise of James Aponte’s thrilling short film Pursuit, but the story goes deeper than that. “‘Pursuit is a sci-fi action/thriller