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Heroes & Cheroes

Open to men and women 18 and older, this introduction to the group Heroes & Cheroes is for those who have experienced non-consensual sexual encounters. This effort, led by These RED Gloves and co-hosted by Transformations Natural Hair Salon, encourages people to share and to begin the process of developing life plans to deal with

Pączki Polish Pastries

Sautter’s Market continues the Fat Tuesday tradition Fat Tuesday is a special time for this Louisiana girl, and I have to admit that I’ve been a little sad being away from home where all the donut shops in town are making king cakes filled with cream cheese, baked with buttery cinnamon-brushed dough, and topped with

Meet Us in the Middle

“Midstory is an ecological term for a canopy of trees,” explains Midstory Cofounder Logan Sander. “There’s the upper story, the lower story, and the midstory. The midstory has to exist in order for the upper story to flourish and for the lower story to be protected.”

Art Walk—Live and Local Performances

Come on out to downtown Sylvania’s Art Walk to see live local performances that include The Yipps, Mister Pac Man improv group, Cutting Edge Theater Company, and many others! You’ll have the opportunity to see films, fashion shows, art exhibits along with all the shopping and dining that you’ve come to expect in the Red

Sound of Silents Screening of “7th Heaven”

In this Sound of Silents feature brought to you by the Toledo Museum of Art, 7th Heaven (1927), a street cleaner and a woman, whose life he saved, fall for each other in a romantic drama deftly performed without sound. Let Director Frank Borzage’s Academy Award-nominated film (one of the first ever nominated for best