Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Heroism in music


The Toledo Symphony Orchestra and the Glacity Theatre Collaborative are collaborating to highlight the dramatic power of heroism through the music of Beethoven, Penderecki and Stravinsky. On November 16 & 17 they will perform A Soldier's Tale in it's "full theatrical and balletic element." Follow the story-line of a fiddle-playing soldier as he makes an ill-fated deal with the devil. The production features Martha Reikow, Amy Chang, Damon Coleman on celli with Cornel Gabara directing the action. It is the final event in a series of collaborations with different departments at the University of Toledo.

8-10pm. $22-$37. Toledo Museum of Art, Peristyle Theater, 2445 Monroe St. 419-246-8000.—JG

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