Sunday, April 14, 2024

Truth Art Gallery: Black History Month Artwork

Truth Art Gallery, “Toledo’s only Black art gallery,” claims Gallery Coordinator and Resident Artist Nikola Welcome-Bovell, is featuring several artists’ works for Black History Month. 

Previously located at 1811 Adams St., Truth Art Gallery recently moved to 7 E Bancroft St., across the street from the 12 Bancroft Shopping Plaza. According to Gallery Owner Fletcher Word, the new location has more space and available parking for community members.

Toledoans can visit the Gallery for a chance to view the works of local Toledo artists along with the opportunity to see art being created in the gallery space, Word said. Truth Art Gallery is maintained as a space for reflection by community members and a place to  connect with art.  “I’m trying to build a Black art gallery and community space, like a culture center, where you can have events,” Welcome-Bovell said. The space can be used  for book launches, podcasts, poetry readings and other events. “It’s not a cafe, but it’s an art cafe environment,” Welcome-Bovell said. “It’s a safe, secure place.” 

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“I’m trying to create an environment where people are able to come out and be comfortable,” Welcome-Bovell explains. She is among the artists with pieces displayed in the Gallery. She explains her pieces are created from how she’s feeling at a particular time and all hold different meanings. 

One of her recent art pieces, The Spirit of Carnival, holds roots from Welcome-Bovell’s South American background. She explains the artwork represents freedom in culture, freedom from slavery, but also joy and happiness. 

Other local artists, like Aaron Bivins, Mack Walton and Klaire Russell, have pieces within the gallery that are currently on display. “If you want to get away and just have a quiet moment, you can come to the art gallery,” Welcome-Bovell said.

Truth Art Gallery is open to all community members from Monday through Friday, 10 am to 5 pm, or by appointment on Saturdays and Sundays. 419-243-0007. 

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