Saturday, March 2, 2024

Tree City Film Festival Returning For 11th Year

The Tree City Film Festival, in partnership with the Sylvania Community Arts Commission, is inviting teams to participate in their 11th annual Tree City Film Festival’s 50-hour challenge.

These teams can be of any experience level whether that is professional, non-professional, student or even “armchair” filmmakers. These teams will be given 50 hours to write, shoot, edit and premiere their films.

The challenge begins on Sept. 16 at 6 pm with a kickoff meeting at The Sodbuster Bar, 5758 Main St. in Sylvania and ends on Sept. 18 at 8 pm, totaling the 50 hour allotted hours. No late or unfinished films will be accepted.

Teams will be given different components, such as the genre, location or a character’s name that are required to be incorporated into their film at the meeting. Teams are also encouraged to use the hashtag #treecityfilmfestival2023 so people can follow their filmmaking over the weekend.

Each team has many rules they must follow including each film must be no longer than 8 minutes and must include a 10-second title screen and closing credits. Every aspect of the film must be created in the allotted 50 hours, or the team is subject to disqualification.

Teams are only allowed to organize their cast and crew, acquire equipment, scout and secure locations and advance scoring or licensing of music before the challenge begins.

The films will premiere at the Tree City Film Festival screening on Nov. 4. A $500 award will be given for first place, as well as a $250 award for second place and $100 for audience choice.

If you are interested in participating in the 50-hour challenge, registration is open until Sept. 6 at 9 pm. Registration costs $60 for the standard multi-person team, and $50 for student teams.

You can find past submissions for the 50-hour challenge as well as other films created for their film program on the Sylvania Arts YouTube page.

For more information about the 50-hour challenge, including rules and regulations for participating teams, visit

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