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Toledo According To… Sandy Spang

Name: Sandy Spang

Years lived in Toledo: Born and raised

Occupation: President, Toledo Metropolitan Area Council of Governments (TMACOG)

My short story: I spent 17 years working in the jewelry industry. Many years later, I was on Toledo City Council for six years and following that was in administration for the city of Toledo working in economic development, specifically with small businesses. 

Glass City Metropark is the place in Toledo I’m most proud of.

– The best meal I had in Toledo was the Coquilles Saint-Jacques at Hotel Sofitel during my wedding. Or, my recent meal at Registry Bistro.

Mud Hens Opening Day is my favorite annual event.

– My favorite piece of local architecture is The Toledo Main Library, which is a style of architecture called Art Deco.

– I shop for local jewelry at Toledo Museum of Art Gift Store or Crosby Garden.

– I’m at my most calm in Toledo when I’m at the University of Toledo Recreation Center’s swimming pool.

-The street I drive on/walk on most often is Broadway.

– One thing I’ve always meant to do in Toledo, but haven’t, is The Ottawa Park Concert Series.   

– The best view in Toledo is The Northeast Corner of Government Center or my office at TMACOG.

– When I’m away from Toledo, I can’t wait to have a great cup of coffee when I get back.

– The Toledo business you’ll most likely find me at is SAME Cafe and BlueBird Hair Studio.     

– When I’m craving Mexican food, I go to El Tipico.

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– If I knew I could get away with it, I would spend the night at the Toledo Museum of Art.

– If Toledo had a new motto, it would be “Things are happening in a lot of places, but you can make things happen in Toledo.”

– The most underrated thing in Toledo is our waterfront.

– To find inspiration, I go to my own backyard.

I always brag about Toledo’s Museum, glass and its history and future here.

Josina Lott is the Toledoan I most admire. 

– My coolest Toledo memory is meeting Tom Hanks while he shot a movie here.

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