Film Notes: September 2022

It’ll be a classic at Maumee Indoor

Photo courtesy: Maumee Indoor Theater Facebook page

The Maumee Indoor Theater is taking local moviegoers on a trip through the history of film with Classic Movie Nights. Presented by the Maumee Uptown Business Association, the program began earlier this year with attendees voting on what movie from each decade will be screened, free of charge, on select dates at the Theater. The program resumes on September 27 at 6:30pm with a film from the 2000s, then wraps up with shows on October 18 for the 2010s and November 29 for an “instant classic” film from the past few years. For the latest information or to cast your vote on what movies will be shown, visit

Iconic movie music performed at Peristyle

Photo credit: TashTish from Wikimedia Commons

Jaws. Star Wars. Superman. E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial. Jurassic Park. Harry Potter. There is no motion picture composer with a resume as iconic as John Williams. Now that Williams has announced his impending retirement from writing film scores, it seems fitting that the Toledo Symphony will honor the composer with a performance Saturday, September 17. The Music of John Williams will include performances of iconic pieces from Williams’ career— that earned 52 (yes, FIFTY-TWO) Academy Award nominations. 7pm. Toledo Museum of Art Peristyle Theater, 2445 Monroe St. 419-246-8000.