Thursday, June 20, 2024

Celebrating Nurses Week 2024 in Ohio

National Nurses Week is a time where everyone can appreciate healthcare providers that risk their lives daily and work on the frontlines to protect the greater community. 

Celebrated annually in May for one week, Nurses Week was founded nationally to recognize all the many contributions nurses make to varying communities. The week kicks off May 6, which is National Nurses Day, and ends appropriately on May 12, which is the birthday of our modern nursing founder, Florence Nightingale.

Though nurses all over the world are actively working to make their communities better, Toledo City Paper is taking the time to recognize some of our local nurses that have a big impact. 

Ohio Living Swan Creek

5916 Cresthaven Lane, Toledo

(419) 865-4445

Ohio Living Swan Creek is a senior living facility that serves adults 55 and over. Helping more than 230 seniors, Ohio Living Swan Creek offers 34 acres of resort-like living in the heart of the city. There are walking trails through the woods, plenty of places to exercise and ride a bicycle or simply take the opportunity to sit back and enjoy the pleasures of life. This location also offers easy access to cultural, educational and sporting venues.

Additionally, Ohio Living Swan Creek offers the I’m Still Here (ISH) program in Memory Care, which helps our residents living with dementia to prosper through engagement in life, family and community. The programs engage residents and their caregivers in arts, culture and community.

As a life plan community, Ohio Living Swan Creek offers a variety of on-site housing options and health care services, plus many other features customized to meet your needs including villa homes, apartment homes, short- and long-term rehabilitation and more.

HLS Orthodontics

4413 Keystone Dr


HLS Orthodontics originally started as Sylvania Orthodontics and was founded by Dr. Eugene Simon in 1981. Besides offering traditional metal and clear braces, HLS is also a premier provider of Invisalign® and Invisalign Teen® and uses innovative methods like growth guidance appliances to help correct severe overbites and minimize the need for extractions or orthognathic surgery.

Although the key demographic for orthodontic treatment has traditionally been middle schoolers through high schoolers, the introduction of clear ceramic braces and Invisalign has greatly increased the number of adult patients in treatment. Often, treatment is most efficient and effective when a patient has all, or most, of their permanent teeth and is still growing, which is why so many teens and pre-teens get braces. However, we have patients of all ages.

HLS believes a smile can make a huge difference in someone’s life. The nurses and doctors love seeing how patient smiles and self-confidence improve through orthodontic treatment.

Frankel Dentistry

5012 Talmadge Road


Dr. Sheldon Frankel started Frankel Dentistry in 1946. His dedication to the art and science of dentistry was inspirational. Along with this daily exposure to dentistry, there is a familial factor as well, with the staff made up of family and friends that create a positive environment for your treatment. 

Most importantly, Frankel Dentistry is the first 100% employee owned dental practice in the United States.

The staff will provide you with a comprehensive and advanced approach to achieve optimal oral health and wellness. All patients receive the most aesthetic, minimally invasive, caring and cost effective therapies available. Frankel’s doctors, healthcare providers and staff want every visit to be the best dental experience. Attractive hours, two locations, individualized dental care, online scheduling and complimentary consultations make seeing the dentist convenient.

All of these factors lead current patients to recommend Frankel Dentistry to their family and friends. Most of Frankel’s new patients are referred to the dentistry by existing patients. Frankel wants you to remember that a healthy mouth promotes a healthy body.

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