Thursday, June 20, 2024

Crumbl Cookies Opens Perrysburg Location

Crumbl Cookies, the national cookie chain with dynamic flavors, opened a location in Perrysburg, 10411 Fremont Pike Suite C.

The cookie chain announces new flavors every week for customers to try, and this location is no exception.

Husband and wife Dean and Danielle McDowell are the owners and operators of this new location, and worked tirelessly to bring it to fruition.

Danielle worked as a school psychologist in Northwood schools for 20 years and decided she was ready to do something different. She and Dean talked about opening a business before, but with their three children, the timing wasn’t right until now.

“We are focused on serving our customers as well as humanly possible,” Dean said. “We will go above and beyond to make anything we get wrong, right.”

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The couple communicated their interest to the Crumbl corporation, sent in a bunch of personal and financial information, found the right location and worked with the team to open Crumbl Perrysburg’s doors.

“The Crumbl corporate team was wonderfully flexible but rigid at the same time,” Dean said.

In honor of the opening, Dean and Danielle had a soft launch and a grand opening with giveaway specials for their first and 500th customers.

Dean’s favorite of the Crumbl cookie options is the cornbread cookie. Danielle is partial to the sandwich cookies, particularly the oatmeal pie and maple cream pie.

“This has been a long time coming,” Danielle said. “We are so excited to see our staff here working, smiling and laughing, and we are so excited to see our customers here – smiling and walking out the door with cookies.”

The couple encourages everyone to stop into Crumbl and try each week’s new selection.

“We’re Perrysburg residents and we’re excited to bring this to our neighbors,” Danielle said. “Not only to bring them cookies and have them be our customers, but (for us) to be embedded in the community in another way.”

Crumbl Cookies Perrysburg. 10411 Fremont Pike Suite C. 567-331-2008.

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