Wednesday, June 7, 2023

River House comes alive with images of the natural world

River House Arts’ spring exhibition, Rooted in Presence features botanical art, including paintings by Jordan Buschur, Veronica Englert, Skot Horn, Jon Kvassay, Nikki Woods, drawings by Yusuf Lateef and sculpture and mixed-media work by Erin Garber Pearson and Crystal Miller. Buschur’s domestic landscapes demonstrate the enlivening effect of houseplants on interior spaces marked by cultural artifacts, such as book spines, LP jackets, and school portraits. Pearson, working in steel, creates wall-hung vessels for plant trimmings that create a dichotomy between temporality and permanence. Kvassay’s stunning collage-like compositions show the hand and iconography of the contemporary artist as well as evoking prehistoric cave markings. The show is an invitation to reflect on how art about the natural world ranges from the documentary to meditative. Open by appointment through June 3. An artist reception will be held this Saturday, May 13, from 5-8pm. Secor Building, 425 Jefferson Avenue, Toledo. 419-441-4025.

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