Mindfulness 4 Tuesdays, Hosted by Rustbelt Zen and Toledo City Paper

Toledo Public Library – Main Branch

325 N Michigan St, Toledo, OH 43604

Large Glass Community Room

In this four-part mindfulness series led by Brent Haas of Rustbelt Zen, attendees will focus on the three pillars of meditation: body, breath and thought. 

Statue meditation
Photo provided via Brent Haas.

In our times of instant gratification, through consumption and technology, we are programming our minds to be distracted and finding it harder to pay attention. In these hour-long sessions we’ll give the mind space and support to focus and relax. To become quiet, calm and reflective. As we sit in stillness, you’ll be guided on how to drop away judgements of what should or shouldn’t be and connect with the beauty and wonder of your authentic self.

Rustbelt Zen supports the idea that there is no good or bad meditation, it’s only being fully present for whatever is. Please join in and see how that openness can lead to acceptance, understanding, and a joy for the practice of meditation. 

August 1, 8, 15 and 22, Noon – 1pm, http://events.toledolibrary.org/event/8569043

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