Friday, December 1, 2023

Local Journalist Rebecca Regnier Makes a Return to Television

After a hiatus from local television, Rebecca Regnier is set to return this fall as a co-host of The Nine on 13ABC. 

Regnier who spent an impressive 21 years as an award-winning television anchor, reporter and producer at 13ABC, built a strong connection with audiences across Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan. Now, she’s gearing up to bring a refreshing, feel-good lifestyle program to the area alongside her co-host, Eric Haubert.

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With a strong connection to the Toledo community (locals have voted Regnier as one of their favorite journalists in the Toledo City Papers’ Best of Toledo awards several times), her ability to connect with people and her dedication to telling compelling stories have made Rebecca a hometown favorite.

From Regnier’s early days as a broadcast journalist to her recent endeavors as an indie author and social media enthusiast, she has continually adapted to the changing media landscape. 

Regnier initially left television in 2017 to follow her passion for storytelling, embracing a new chapter by publishing over 20 novels. Despite ventures into new creative territories, her heart has remained closely tied to the Toledo area. 

Regnier’s unexpected TV comeback

Regnier’s journey back to television was unexpected. Following a call from her former colleague at 13ABC, she was given the opportunity to co-host The Nine, a show that has been on the air for about a year. 

Rebecca Regnier at WTVG. Photo by Isabella Pennese.

Regnier expressed her surprise and excitement about her upcoming role on The Nine, a show that initially blended news and lifestyle content. However, the plan for the upcoming season is to shift its focus entirely to lifestyle content, providing a break from the heavier news segments that dominate much of today’s programming. This change aligns with the expansion of news broadcasts on the station.

Enthusiastic to work alongside her co-host Haubert, Regnier said, “I’m most excited about getting to know Eric Haubert. He’s very funny and engaging and similar to me in the way he tells a story. I know we will work well together.”

The show’s transition this season supports Regnier’s desire to connect with people on a more personal level. She highlighted the unique bond formed with viewers during her previous time on television, where her presence became a part of viewers’ daily routines. 

Even after a five-plus year absence from television, Rebecca has continued to receive heartwarming messages from viewers who remember her. Regnier shared a touching story of a man who regarded her as a guiding presence during his childhood, watching her on TV while his parents were away.

Her career has seen various roles within broadcast journalism. However, this new role on The Nine will be particularly enjoyable for her due to its emphasis on fun and positivity.  She recounted her love for live shots and the unexpected moments that make broadcasting exciting. The shift to a more informal, conversational style of storytelling resonates with her philosophy of authenticity in her writing and on social media.

Balancing her passions

While embracing her new role on The Nine, Regnier remains dedicated to her writing. Her love for writing has led her to publish several book series that resonate with women her age, exploring themes of second chances and life after certain milestones. 

The final book in her recent five-book series will be released in the upcoming months. Regnier’s novels can be found on Amazon and iTunes. 

When discussing her hopes for the show and the impact she aims to leave, Regnier’s passion for inspiring others was evident. Her return to television represents more than just a professional opportunity; it’s about embracing new challenges and defying the notion that age dictates one’s potential. 

At 54 years old, Regnier believes she can show that age is not a barrier to pursuing new dreams and opportunities. “I want people to feel that they can do anything at any age, and that they can even start a new career,” Regnier said.

With a successful career in television, a blossoming writing journey, several viral social media videos and a newfound role as a lifestyle host, Regnier’s impact on audiences remains enduring and inspiring.

“The Nine” airs weekdays on 13abc at 9am. The program can be followed on its Instagram page and Facebook page.

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