Biker Tales: Toledoan Michael Murray’s life in the fast lane

A look at Toledo-area author Michael Murray

Michael Murray, currently a real estate broker, auctioneer, artist and biker, has a life full of stories to tell and he does just that in his new memoir. Biker Tales…and We Don’t Eat Our Young, explores Murray’s life growing up in Toledo through trials and tribulations and the achievement of accomplishments throughout his life. 

He began his career as a sign painter and pin striper while in high school, working for Wally Signs. From there, Murray used his painting skills to letter hundreds of cars and motorcycles which kick started his racing career by leading him to tracks across the US with his own sports cars. 

In a collection of 82 short stories, Biker Tales takes readers on a journey of self-enlightenment, laughter, joy and heartache as Murray discusses his thrilling life filled with jobs as an artist, professional racing driver and even as a newspaper delivery boy. 

“Biker Tales…and We Don’t Eat Our Young” deals with your journey throughout your life. How were you able to jump back into your past for the book?

It all started with the very first story when I ran into my neighbor Raquel Thomas with her three children and brought back a memory of me going to the grocery store with my mother. Then, when she suggested that I post that on Facebook, and I got such a good response, I just started writing. I wrote 82 short stories in 82 days. The more you write the more you remember…those memories are in your brain somewhere. 

How long did it take to write and edit your memoir? What was this process like? 

After I wrote my 82 stories and I wrote the very last chapter, I posted on Facebook and I said ‘’Hey, I know a lot of you are reading my stories, but you’ve never given me a like so that I know what to do with this, give me a like if you liked them’’. Well, I had over 350-360 likes…and then I started editing myself. I went through every word (and) every chapter trying to do the best I could with it. 

 What has been the most memorable part of your life that is not mentioned in the book?

First of all, everything I’ve done has been the most memorable because I have relived those stories hundreds of times. When I am driving, (and) I’m in the car a lot, I tell my stories to myself. I would say perhaps the most memorable thing is (that) I was able to write it and publish it and hopefully my book will inspire others to have fun (and) make their dreams come true. 

What advice do you have for young kids in Toledo? 

Drive it like you stole it. That’s the way I live my life and I hope everybody else does the same. You can sit around and play video games or hang out on street corners (but) that’s not going to get you anywhere; you have to set a goal. What kind of a life do you want to live? You have to go to work for it. 

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