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Game of glide

The brightly colored discs spin, arc and glide above low grassy terrain, over hills, and swerve around large mature tree trunks before landing 300 feet away in the targeted basket.

Coastal Ride

One of the best regional drives in the area, and worth a repeat trip when the weather is warm, the sky and lake are a sun-drenched blue and the road is calling.

Last chance in this lifetime

In the Northern Hemisphere, take in a view of the setting sun on June 5 (be sure to wear proper eye protection) to see the second and final transit of Venus in this century. The planet will appear as a tiny disk, as it travels (or is in transit) very slowly across the face of

Water patrol

Toledoan Cathie Slabaugh wanted more — to really shake things up, to expand her life and to be a part of a worthwhile endeavor.