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Hack Attack: Survival Guide for Festival Season

You can’t miss ‘em. They travel in swarms, with identical logos on their sweat-stained Ts, hawking stickers and wielding clipboards. They swoop down on the unwary festival goer with a simple greeting that belies their rapacious hunger for your affirmation. “Are you a registered voter?”

The Brass Tacks On Coffee Quest 419

A number of local participating shops have brewed up a hunt that ends with a treasure, as well it should. At the journey’s completion, T-Town jewel Jupmode offers an original Coffee Quest 419 shirt, which we’re sure will be sported proudly by all true coffee-lovers.

Blue Week Opens Windows On Wild, Rare

Tired of the tame? Ready to jump in with the authentic and gritty? Or maybe just seeking unique, entertaining activities to share with family and friends. Find all that create memories during Blue Week, a nature extravaganza highlighting the treasures of the Oak Openings Region.