Style Sense: Carol Dunn

Carol Dunn was never one to sit idly by. She’s an outspoken advocate for abortion rights and local animal rescue, as well as an unapologetic accessories zealot! Her impressive career includes working for politician Frazier Reams in the 1960s, operating Center for Choice in downtown Toledo, working as a media buyer in advertising, and pioneering a local chapter of Planned Pethood. She’s a well-loved staple of Toledo’s Old West End for many reasons— her style being just one of them.

What sparked your interest in fashion? 

I learned a lot about fabrics, especially during the time when I worked for Frazier Reams at his law firm in the late 60s. He owned WIOT, WCWA and WTOL. I became involved in politics and had to show up well-dressed at the office. I subscribed to Women’s Wear Daily and read it religiously. Tights were popular in those days. I loved pairing outfits with french heels and pantyhose to match. 

You have an impressive collection of statement necklaces. Can you tell us a bit about your favorite pieces?

I love my brass chest plate from the 1970s, hand-carved necklace from Nairobi, and a piece I got from Vintage Vibes (located at 1501 Adams St.) that has ceramic “teeth”. I have jewelry from all over the world – Riga, Latvia as well as locally made jewelry purchased at the Crosby Gardens Art Festival. 

What items can you never do without?

Scarves, linen shirts. I have at least thirty cashmere sweaters. They’re the perfect undershirt!