Friday, February 23, 2024

Labor Day 2022: Sheet Metal Workers Local 33

The Sheet Metal Workers Local 33 Toledo District has been serving the Greater Toledo Area for just over 134 years.  We are extremely proud of our heritage in this great city and have enabled tens of thousands of our members to bargain for an honest wage and benefits that has allowed them to sustain and raise their families within the middle class and retire with dignity. 

Local 33 has a state-of-the-art apprenticeship program and training facility. Apprentices earn money while attending school, and unlike college, which saddles many students with an enormous amount of debt, the member owes nothing after completing their 5-year apprenticeship, and commonly earns twice the amount a recent college graduate makes. If becoming an apprentice with Local 33 interests you, we take applications on the 4th Tuesday of every month at the Sheet Metal Workers’ Local 33 Hall at 27430 Crossroads Parkway, Rossford, Ohio 43460, or you can go to

Now, more than ever, workers coming together to share a voice in the workplace is the only way to strengthen the middle class, shrink the divide of income equality, and secure benefits that will last a lifetime. The Sheet Metal Workers strive everyday to meet these goals, and will continue to move forward to better our members’ lives. 

Local 33 takes pride in our Union traditions and Labor Day is very important to our members. Toledo’s Labor Day Parade is one of few that remain, and we feel honored to participate each and every year. We hope all will come out and share in this wonderful Toledo tradition!

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