Monday, July 22, 2024

League of Women Voters Urges People To Check Voter Registration

Thousands of Lucas County registered voters may have to re-register before the general elections in November.

The Ohio Secretary of State recently released the names of 158,857 inactive voter registrations, all of which are at risk of losing their registration.

Inactive voters are defined as those who have not participated in the last six elections or who have moved and not updated their voter registration address. Removal by mistake is also possible.

“These registrations are eligible for removal under the law because records show they’re no longer residing or active at the registered address for at least the last four consecutive years,” Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose said in a news release.

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The League of Women Voters of Toledo/Lucas County is urging all voters to check their voter registration before it is too late to vote in the general election on Nov. 5. 

“This list has been provided to my office by the county boards of elections after meticulous work under bipartisan oversight. We’re at the last stage of the process, where anyone can now check the list and contact their board of elections if they want to reactivate their registration or if they believe their record might be listed in error,” LaRose added.

To find out if you are on the voter registration removal list,  go to and type in your name. If your name does not appear on the list, your registration is up-to-date and you are not on the removal list. If your name appears on the list, you must update your registration or participate in voter activity before July 22.

If you fail to take action before July 22, you must re-register to vote at least 30 days before the general election, which falls on Oct. 6.

To check your voter registration or find your voting precinct and polling location, visit

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