Monday, April 15, 2024

On the Radar April 2024

Taylor Automotive Family Donates $1 Million for Cancer Research

The Toledo Clinic Cancer Centers and Taylor Automotive family recently announced the formation of the Taylor Cancer Research Center. This not-for-profit clinical research program will benefit all cancer patients in Northwest Ohio. The Taylor Automotive family donated $1 million to assist in facilitating innovative cancer treatments for patients that are currently unavailable in the region. The family presented the current circumstance of analysis , including Toledo Clinic Cancer Centers at a press conference and check presentation. The center will bring Precision Therapy to the Northwest Ohio region. According to the Toledo Clinic Cancer Centers, Precision therapy specifically targets mutated DNA which causes cancer growth. The center will continue and expand research on the Precision therapy treatment.

Celebrate Earth Day with these recycling tips

Recycling doesn’t have to be a difficult task. With Earth Day, April 22, brush up on the recycling dos and don’ts. Making sure you rinse the products you are recycling so there is no waste is a huge first step, as well as ensuring you do not contaminate your recycling bin with items that are unable to be recycled like clothing, electronics, food waste and more. Other items like plastic bags, either holding the recyclable items or being recycled in and of themselves, are a huge problem for contamination. Visit

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