Sunday, August 14, 2022

Ohio volunteers strive to help Ukrainians learn English

Ohioans are partnering with the nonprofit, ENGin, to help Ukrainians learn and practice speaking fluent English. With the current war in the Ukraine, many of their citizens are fleeing the only life they know, but lack the skills to rebuild their lives in other places because of language barriers. 

ENGin’s mission is to help these refugees regain some part of their world by teaching them the necessary skills to communicate, thus enabling them to support themselves and their families during this difficult time.  ENGin is in constant need of volunteers, as the demand is significant. 

ENGin began their free programs in early 2020 to help Ukrainians connect with volunteers and practice learning the English language. ENGin connects people online to practice conversations and various cultural lessons. While many Ukrainians have some form of English training, everyone knows that it can be extremely difficult to learn a language without the continual practice of everyday conversations. 

ENGin does not require volunteers to be certified teachers or to have any experience in tutoring, the only thing volunteers must do is engage the people with whom they are partnered, it’s that easy. People are able to connect and learn together all “from the comfort of home,” says Rose Tatum, the volunteer manager. 

ENGin is continuously connecting students with volunteers, and welcomes people who are willing to give a small portion of their time to help Ukrainians. To learn more check out ENGin’s website,

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