Frankel’s Stock Optioned Employees Promote a Happy Practice

Dr. Jon Frankel, announcing that Frankel Dentistry will become the first 100% employee-owned dental practice in the nation during an event held at the Pinnacle in Maumee. Photo Credit: Cameron O'Neill of Wild Eyes.

Frankel Dentistry has been a Toledo name for nearly 70 years. In 1992, Dr. Jon Frankel graduated with a degree in dentistry science (DDS) from the Ohio State University and came back home to join his father’s practice. Since then, he has provided area patients “healthier lives through cosmetic, general, and restorative dentistry.” Dr. Frankel believes a healthy mouth promotes a healthy body, and this passion shines in every aspect of the business. But healthy teeth are only part of the Frankel promise. As of August 30, 2021, he took his practice one step further by announcing it would become the first 100% employee-owned dental practice in the United States.

Frankel employees at the Pinnacle event. Photo credit: Cameron O’Neill, Wild Eyes

A Family Practice
Jon is not the first Frankel in the business, and he is not the first to dedicate his life to servicing the community. There are 5 dentists, with a sixth currently attending dental school, two dental hygienists, two registered nurses, a teacher, and a Rabbi. While he spends much of his time at his practice, Dr. Jon Frankel is a dedicated father and husband. You guessed it. His wife, Nikki, also serves the community as an ER nurse at Toledo Hospital.

Dr. Amber Puhl became a partner in 2008. She loved Dr. Frankel’s philosophy (Serve All –Always Better – G.E T., which stands for Gratitude, Encouragement, Thankfulness) towards both the practice and family. For her, family has always been a top priority, including her young twins and husband and her patients, whom she considers part of her extended family. The partners have since opened a second practice, Frankel and Puhl Dentistry in Maumee, and they welcome patients from all over the surrounding area.

Serve All; Always Better
With the announcement of Frankel Dentistry becoming an employee-owned company, Dr. Jon Frankel and Dr. Amber Puhl have made a bold statement to their employees: “You are part of our family, too.”

Over the years, Dr. Frankel has received many offers to sell the practice to large corporate dental groups, but it never felt right. He enjoys serving his community through excellence in dentistry by creating the best experience possible for everyone involved. Without his team of doctors, healthcare providers, and staff, he could not impact the lives of hundreds of people like he does.

Lifelong friend Bennett Speyer of Shumaker, Loop, and Kendrick, LLP made a suggestion: Why not pursue an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP)? While this type of business model is rare in the healthcare industry, it is not unheard of. After thinking about it and consulting with a colleague, Dr. Frankel decided he wanted to give to his employees what he had received by becoming an ESOP. It felt right. It honored his father.

The move towards making the practice 100% employee owned gives financial interest to those who help maintain its core values. It encourages staff members to play a more integral role in shaping the company’s future for generations to come. Not only does Dr. Frankel want to see your smile, but he wants to see his Frankel Dentistry family smile as well.

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