Bagley & Langan Law Firm Secures Landmark Victory in Automobile Accident Case

On August 11, The Bagley and Langan Law Firm achieved a legal victory in an automobile accident case tried at the US Courthouse on Spielbusch Ave. in Toledo, Ohio.

The case, titled Kathleen Kaufman v. James Knipp and Wagner Farms Inc., was litigated by Attorney Patrick J. Bagley and his legal team, culminating in a groundbreaking settlement of $1,438,096.54.

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The case revolved around an automobile accident that occurred on Toledo’s roadways, pitting Kathleen Kaufman against James Knipp and Wagner Farms Inc. Kathleen Kaufman sought justice and compensation for injuries sustained in the accident, and Bagley and Langan Law Firm, with Patrick J. Bagley at the helm for this case, championed her cause against James Knipp and Wagner Farms Inc.

James Knipp’s negligence was a key factor in the jury’s decision, with the jury establishing his negligence as a proximate cause for Kaufman’s injury or re-aggravation of previous injuries or conditions. Kaufman will be awarded the settlement in yearly payments of $17,500 over the course of the next 14 years

The Bagley and Langan Law Firm, with its dedication to client success and unwavering pursuit of justice, continues to set new benchmarks in the legal arena. This victory reinforces the firm’s reputation as a trusted legal partner for those seeking justice in personal injury cases.

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