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Music Calendar January 2024



Levi & Lilac’s Whiskey Room: Whiskey Monday featuring Jake Pilewski (acoustic)

Ciao!: Chris Brown & Candace Coleman (soft rock, jazz)

Bar 145: Open Mic Night With Danny Strange



Ciao!: Chris Brown & Candace Coleman (soft rock, jazz)

Fuzzy’s Taco Shop: Father’N Son (acoustic)



The Real Seafood Company: Area pianist/vocalists

Wheelin’ on the Rocks: Open Jam with Black Ice Jam Band

Maumee Bay Brewing Co.: Organic Ingredients (jazz)

Georgjz: Karaoke

Peacock Cafe: Karaoke



The Real Seafood Company: Area pianist/vocalists

The Chop House: Jazz piano

Wheelin’ on the Rocks: Karaoke



Kickstand Saloon: Open Jam with Dave Fleeson and Steve Taylor

Sodbuster Bar:  Father’nSon Jam

Village Idiot: Jazz and  Open Mic



MON, Jan. 1

The Village Idiot: Frank May (acoustic)


WED, Jan. 3

The Village Idiot: Andrew Ellis (acoustic)


THURS, Jan. 4

Levi & Lilac’s Whiskey Room: Hector Mendoza (guitar)

Kickstand Saloon: Jeffrey Oliver (acoustic)


FRI, Jan. 5

The Switchboard: Drinks and Dubplates (electronic)

Jed’s Maumee: Karaoke
Bar 145: Broth3rs (rock)

Levi & Lilac’s Whiskey Room: Jack Schilb (acoustic)


SAT, Jan. 6

Pioneer Inn: Jake McCoy Jam (rock)

Lucille’s Jazz Lounge: Art Bishop (jazz)

Papa’s Tavern: Papa’s Tavern Karaoke with Cowboy Marc (karaoke)

Village Idiot: Echo Record (indie rock)

Manhattan’s Pub & Cheer: Christian Lombardo (acoustic)

Pavlov’s Brewing Co.: Chris Canode (acoustic)

Levi & Lilac’s Whiskey Room: Dave Carpenter (acoustic)


SUN, Jan. 7

Stranahan Theater: MANIA: The ABBA Tribute (pop/rock)


MON, Jan. 8

Village Idiot: Jordan & Josh (acoustic)


TUE, Jan. 9

Village Idiot: Kyle Smithers (acoustic)


WED, Jan. 10

BGSU: Faculty Artist Series: Hannah Levinson (viola)

Village Idiot: Caswell & Co. (rock)

Te’kēla Mexican Cantina + Cocina – Sylvania: Christian Lombardo (acoustic)


THURS, Jan. 11

Lucille’s Jazz Lounge: Ariel Kasler Quartet (jazz)

BGSU: Student Recital: Eunha Kim  (flute)

Levi & Lilac’s Whiskey Room: Aaron & Peter (acoustic)


FRI, Jan. 12

Village Idiot: House Band (rock)

Bar 145: Reckless Highway (country)

Toledo Spirits: Aleksi Campagne (americana)

Levi & Lilac’s Whiskey Room: Jon B. Roth (acoustic)


SAT, Jan. 13

Lucille’s Jazz Lounge: Lori Lefevre (jazz)

Pavlov’s Brewing Co.: Mark Poseler (acoustic)

Ottawa Tavern: Violet Daybed, Horse Lover, Mango Tree, 32 Bit Operator (alternative rock)

Levi & Lilac’s Whiskey Room: Chloe & the Steel Strings (americana)


MON, Jan. 15

Village Idiot: Frank May (acoustic)


TUE, Jan. 16

Village Idiot: John Barile & Bobby May (acoustic)


WED, Jan. 17

Village Idiot: Andrew Ellis (acoustic)


THURS, Jan. 18

BGSU: Guest Artist: Joshua Zink, baritone (vocal)

Levi & Lilac’s Whiskey Room: Frank May (acoustic)


FRI, Jan. 19

Lucille’s Jazz Lounge: Mississippi Heat (blues)

BGSU: Guest Artist: Puget-Sound Trio (classical)

Buster Brown’s Big Dog Lounge: Matthew James (acoustic)

Toledo Museum of Art: Olga Kern Plays Rachmaninoff (piano)

Bar 145: 56 Daze (rock)

Levi & Lilac’s Whiskey Room: Rick Caswell (acoustic)


SAT, Jan. 20

Maumee Indoor Theater: Teddy Petty & the Refugees (classic rock)

Frankie’s Inner City: The Koffin Kats (punk rock)

Pioneer Inn: Jake McCoy Jam (rock)

Pavlov’s Brewing Co.: Muddy (acoustic)

Lucille’s Jazz Lounge: The Whiskey Charmers (americana)

Historic Ohio Theatre: The Fleetwood Mac Experience (classic rock)

Stranahan Theatre: Magic of Motown (soul)

BGSU: Guest Artist: US Air Force Band Brass Quintet

Bar 145: Red Carpet Crashers (pop/rock)

Levi & Lilac’s Whiskey Room: Cara Taylor (acoustic)


SUN, Jan. 21

Earnest Brew Works Downtown: whateverandeveramen. (choral)


MON, Jan. 22

Village Idiot: Jordan & Josh (acoustic)


TUES, Jan. 23

Village Idiot: Kyle Smithers (acoustic)

Levi & Lilac’s Listening Loft: Caswell & Snyder (acoustic)


WED, Jan. 24

Village Idiot: Caswell & Co. (rock)


THURS, Jan. 25

BGSU: Guest Artist: Carol Dusdieker, soprano (vocal)

Levi & Lilac’s Whiskey Room: Tim Oehlers (acoustic)


FRI, Jan. 26

Village Idiot: Day Drinkers and House Band (rock)

Prime Nightlife: MidWest Motion with Gringo the MC (various genres)

Bar 145: The Skittle Bots (pop/rock)

Village Idiot: Funk Factory (pop/rock)

Levi & Lilac’s Whiskey Room: Aaron Krott (acoustic)


SAT, Jan. 27

Toledo Spirits: Zachary Lucky (folk)

Pavlov’s Brewing Co.: Ben Beallas (acoustic)

BGSU: Student Recital: Chirapa Wungkaom and Yuxuan Chen (piano)

Bar 145: The Bridges (rock)

Village Idiot: Hepcat Revival (jazz)

Levi & Lilac’s Whiskey Room: Cindy Slee (acoustic)

Hollywood Casino: MJ The Illusion – Michael Jackson Tribute (pop)


SUN, Jan. 28

BGSU: Student Recital: Hao Wu and Shanshan Li (piano)


MON, Jan. 29

Village Idiot: Frank May (acoustic)


TUES, Jan. 30

Village Idiot: John Barile & Bobby May (acoustic)


WED, Jan. 31

Village Idiot: Andrew Ellis (acoustic)

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