Last Call for great country/rock

Take a heavy dose of hard-driving, old-school rock, mix in an equal part of that vintage country twang, and give it a decade of experience playing for crowds both large and small. What you end up with is: Last Call, a band whose new age hybrid of sounds is making them a hot ticket throughout northwest Ohio and southeastern Michigan.

The group was founded about two years ago, "Most of the members were in a band that used to play in Toledo called H Street, [which was] more of a rock band. And we kind of turned a corner and started getting a little more into country, and that's how the project started," said lead vocalist and songwriter Bob Zubkoff.

Local fanbase

Though the majority of the band lives in Monroe, Michigan (Zubkoff himself resides near Ann Arbor), the group tends to think of the entire area as their home base— as far north as Detroit and south toward Toledo and beyond. Their diverse catalogue of original songs and the high energy they project as Last Call have earned them an enthusiastic fan base in the Glass City.

"When we play around the Monroe or Toledo area, [there are] a lot of people who show up who know us. So, especially [at] of local bars, we'll usually fill the place up," Zubkoff said.

"Compared to [many] country acts, we tend to rock it up just a little bit more. I think a lot of [the draw] is our original songs— we've kind of developed our own little following around Toledo and I think people can connect and relate to the songwriting. I think that's the same for almost any band. You can make a recording basically as great as you want to, but for me, there's nothing like the live experience," Zubkoff said.

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