Occupation: Toledo City Councilman and 2017 Toledo
Mayoral Candidate (R)
Years lived in Toledo: 42

My home is the place in Toledo I’m most proud of.

The best meal I had in Toledo was the Polish dinner at my wedding.

Father’s Day is my favorite annual event.

A business Toledo needs (but doesn’t have) is an active, marketable, department of film producing for the movie industry.

My favorite piece of local art/architecture is the Orchard Trees on Kenwood Blvd in Old Orchard, which I worked to get commissioned and placed.

I’m at my most calm in Toledo when I’m mowing my lawn.

The street I drive on/walk on most often is Rushland Ave., where I live.

The best time I ever had in Toledo was growing up at my childhood home on Pearl St. in north Toledo because I was carefree with many friends, a loving family, and a crush on the Zaborowski girls.

One thing I’ve always meant to do in Toledo, but haven’t, is walk every Metropark trail.

If I could change one thing about Toledo, I would improve city services for all taxpayers.

If I knew I could get away with it, I would make wearing pants across a person’s butt crack illegal.

The best view in Toledo is driving over the I-280 Veteran’s Memorial Skyway looking over the Maumee River toward downtown at dawn.

When I’m away from Toledo, I can’t wait to have a cocktail with my neighbors when I get back.

The Toledo business you’ll most likely find me at is any one of the great Toledo restaurants (I eat out a lot).

The best ice cream in Toledo can be found at Handel’s, Jan’s and Netty’s.

If Toledo had a new motto, it would be, “A Great Place to Call Home.”

The most underrated thing in Toledo is its musicians. There’s some great talent in this town.

The most overrated thing in Toledo is any hockey team that comes to play the Walleye.