Toledo According To Matt Taylor

Artist, Designer, web developer

Lived in Toledo: 35 years

Most people know me for working on the Toledo Loves Love project. But some may also remember my collaborative t-shirt/art company called Devicious!, Or my work on a little retail project called Sillybandz, or even know me as a designer at Thrive internet marketing/ Basically, it’s very likely that if you interact with local Toledo businesses you’ve seen some form of printed/digital design work I’ve done, a wall that I’ve painted, a logo I’ve created, or artwork that was hanging up.

I wish more people knew me as a cook and host. My partner Sarah (ASPC calendar editor) and I love to cook for each other and our friends; we both have food prep backgrounds. I used to work in the kitchen out at Maumee Bay State Park’s Water’s Edge restaurant and have continued honing those skills ever since.


One of my favorite Toledo activities is shopping down at the Farmers Market every Saturday. I love a good pretzel croissant from All Crumbs Bakery and coffee from Flying Rhino. It’s a great community space where I’m pretty much guaranteed to run into friends.

What makes me feel truly alive? Collaboration, being able to connect with another person to talk out a problem that needs to be solved, whether it’s art, design, or general life.


Things I’m excited for in Toledo.
I’ve been hearing rumblings about what Graphite Design and Build has going for the Toledo Zoo Natural History Museum, and I cannot wait to step foot in there. We’re lucky to have that creative team downtown.

Proud of Toledo.
Toledo is so lucky to have Metroparks Toledo. This organization is making great strides for our local ecosystems and I’m forever grateful that I get to enjoy these beautiful natural spaces.

How do you stay balanced?
This year I’m hoping to strike a balance with my career, personal relationships, commission design/artwork, home projects, and creative expression. This is not easy and may never be truly balanced but that’s what I strive for.

Toledoans I admire
Power duo Dustin & Jemma Hostetler (UPSO & Prate) They’re inspiring people, making inspiring artwork, and they personally know and work with some of my design heros.


If I could get away with it I would…
Unplug the giant high-brightness LED screens that are popping up everywhere. I get enough screen time thanks.

Bands I love
My bride-to-be’s band The AntiVillains. And what I’m listening to in heavy rotation lately is Better Oblivion Community Center, John Prine, lots of Chopin, Songs: Ohia, Mac Demarco, the Decemberists, Sylvan Esso, Heavy Color, Thundercat, and always Hank Williams.

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