Tuesday, May 21, 2024

BIG IDEA: Jack Hunter

Principal, Pre-Med and Health Science Academy
Why You Should Know Him: Hunter’s new high school will provide a head start on training the next generation of Toledo medical professionals.

In 2022, the Pre-Med and Health Science Academy will open its doors for an inaugural class of medical-focused ninth grade students. These students will have the option of taking AP classes and college courses, following a career-centered track and finishing high school with an accredited STNA license – a 12-point industry credential.

The opportunity may sound too good to be true, but Principal Jack Hunter is assured of the veracity of the idea which came to fruition due to increasing concerns arising from the Toledo employment crunch with filling jobs in the healthcare industry.

“Why not create a school with a direct pipeline to fill those jobs?” Hunter says. “And create a pipeline of licensed individuals to not only work for ProMedica, but to stay in Northwest, Ohio.”

The school was originally set to open fall 2021, but the pandemic slowed the process down. “It did force us to push off the planned opening date, but if anything the pandemic has helped parents realize how vital healthcare is in Northwest Ohio, and America, in general,” Hunter explains. “These are high-paying jobs and good careers, so let’s train our kids right here in Ohio.”

The Pre-Med and Health Science Academy welcomes students who are interested in healthcare and the medical industry. Hunter says the courses and career-focused tracks will help guide students into being prepared for any kind of hospital environment. “We’re developing students so that when they move on to college or into the industry, they know where they fit in,” he says. “They’ll have the training in safety practices, the certifications and the knowledge so they’ll be prepared.”

In its first year, the school is accepting 70 students and admissions are already being made, so taking quick action is encouraged. Visit tpsmed.org and fill out an application. 

“The student that I look for the most is someone who finished what they started and who has that gritty mindset,” Hunter says. “Obviously, he or she has to be strong in math and science, but more importantly, they have to be determined, driven and self-motivated.”  

Hunter hopes the school will not only produce well-rounded students, but a continuing cycle to boost Toledo’s economy and success. “These students are going to be making above average wages out of high school, so they don’t have the pressure to take on college debt,” Hunter says. “They can work and get job experience, and then decide where and if they want to go to college.”

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