Monday, July 22, 2024

Lace Up Your Ruby Running Shoes for No Place Like Home 5K

What if you could tap your shoes together three times to raise money for someone in need? Okay, so it might not be that easy, but it’s still a great cause! Family House, the largest family homeless shelter in northwest Ohio, has put together the Inaugural There’s No Place Like Home 5K. 

This trip down the yellow brick road entails a wonderfully scenic route passing by the Toledo Skyline, the Historic Birmingham Neighborhood and the Colonel James M. Schoonmaker Museum Ship. This race to Emerald City is on Sunday, May 15th at 9am.

All participants will receive a medal just like the lion for showing great courage and determination to complete the 5K by running or walking. The Schoonmaker Museum is also offering day passes to those who register early to engage your brain like the scarecrow. The wizards and miracle workers over at the Family House have been gracious enough to offer T-shirts to commemorate this event.

If you’re interested in completing this quest, you can register at and search for “No Place Like Home 5K.” All ages and ability levels are welcome, so don’t forget to bring your munchkins! Glinda has worked alongside the Family House to conjure up some snacks for youngsters and adults upon the completion of the event.

In all seriousness and Wizard of Oz references aside, the Family House Homeless Shelter is doing great things for the community by keeping families united. Their mission is to help those in need and provide them with the resources to become strong when faced with insurmountable adversity. With the Family House’s case management program, families can be aided in finding permanent housing with the ultimate goal of ending the cycle of poverty.    

It’s time to dust off the red heels (or most likely sneakers) and support the community. To sign up, go to More information can be found on their social media page at

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