Know Your Resources and Your Rights

Abortions and Emergency Contraception Available at a Planned Parenthood Near You

With Ohio’s Heartbeat Bill passed and signed by the Governor into law in April, 2019, that could now mean that abortions are banned after six weeks of pregnancy. While the Heartbeat Bill is being challenged in the Courts and a recent ruling has determined that the Bill is unconstitutional, there are ongoing appeals that will likely take some time to resolve. But with attacks on the ability to obtain an abortion evolving, it is important to monitor local resources, including those available in Michigan, for pregnancy assistance. Due to the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in June 2022 overturning the longstanding legal precedent of Roe v. Wade, many women are expected to  travel across state lines to access healthcare. Here is a list of potential services offered by Planned Parenthood offices in Toledo and Michigan.

Toledo Location

The Toledo Health Center, operated by Planned Parenthood of Greater Ohio, at 1301 Jefferson Avenue, Toledo, Ohio 43604, is open from 11am-6pm Monday, 9am-4pm Tuesday and Wednesday, 10am-4pm Thursday, 8am-3pm Friday  and 9am-2pm on Saturday. Walk-ins are welcome and staff tries their best to accommodate walk-ins as soon as possible. Booking an appointment online is the best way to assure you’ll be seen within 24 hours or on a preferred date. Visit Planned Parenthood Toledo Health Center ( Access to the morning after pill, pregnancy tests and HIV testing are all available services for those with walk-in appointments. The Center offers many other services including abortion referrals, birth control, men’s health care, primary care, STD services, transgender hormone therapy, rape crisis counseling and women’s general health care.

Emergency Contraception within 72 Hours to 5 Days

Accidents happen, so if you’re in a pinch, Planned Parenthood offers Ella as a prescription emergency contraceptive at the Health Center.  First you must see a health care provider through either a walk-in or scheduled appointment. If you cannot schedule an appointment immediately, you’re strongly encouraged to purchase an over-the-counter option such as Plan B One Step ($46.99), Take Action ($34.99), Next Choice One Dose ($33), or My Way ($25) available at most grocery and drug stores. With proper consultation from a physician, copper IUDs can also be placed up to five days after intercourse. Planned Parenthood offers Ella, the over-the-counter pills, to anyone 17 and older. You must provide a photo ID to prove your age. Ella is sometimes paid for by insurance with a health care provider visit to Planned Parenthood. Medicaid is commonly accepted. If you need financial assistance and don’t have insurance, you can confidentially call 419-255-1115. 

According to the Ella website, it is one single pill you can take up to 5 days after unprotected sex but is most effective when taken within 24 hours. Some side effects are headaches, nausea, stomach pain, menstrual pain, tiredness and dizziness. Some women report having an early or slightly late period, but The Center encourages people to take a pregnancy test if they are a week late. The symptoms are similar for the over-the-counter options, but those can only be taken within 72 hours to have complete effectiveness.

Abortions Before 6 Weeks

By the time you realize you’re pregnant, it might be too late for emergency contraceptives. The Health Center of Toledo, Ohio does not offer abortions services, but they can help you with a referral to a nearby clinic.  For more information call 419-255-1115. You can also book an appointment online at Planned Parenthood Toledo Health Center ( This is the safest way to secure an appointment at an abortion clinic. There are many establishments posing as clinics online with counseling services that often try to convince patients to not have an abortion. Planned Parenthood knows you have thought about this decision and does not judge your circumstances.

Michigan Location

Due to the current legislation in Ohio and the legal appeals surrounding the constitutionality of Ohio law, travel may be required to cross state lines into Michigan to obtain a medical abortion within 20 weeks of conception. There is a Planned Parenthood branch in Ann Arbor. The Planned Parenthood Ann Arbor West Health Center, located at 2370 W. Stadium Boulevard in Ann Arbor, is open Monday through Friday from 9am-5pm. The Center offers services including abortions, birth control, HIV testing, men’s health care, women’s health care, emergency contraceptives, pregnancy testing and STD testing and treatment.

Abortions Before 11 Weeks

The Ann Arbor Health Center offers the abortion pill. You must first schedule an appointment with a Planned Parenthood care provider. At the appointment the staff will explain the process and a consultation to discuss your options.  Schedule an appointment by calling 734-929-9480 or going to Planned Parenthood Ann Arbor West Health Center ( If an abortion is the right decision for you, you will sign a consent form 24 hours before receiving you abortion. Anyone under 18 must gain parental consent, but it’s understood that there are circumstances where getting that consent is difficult. Go to the following website to learn how to avoid the need for parental consent by securing a judge’s permission at Parental Consent & Notification Laws | Teen Abortion Laws (  After the  24 hour waiting period has expired after giving consent for the procedure,  a first dose of medication, Mifepristone, is taken and then, within 48 hours, a second pill known as Misoprostol is taken. Both pills must be taken in the State of Michigan, either in the clinic or in your temporary residence. These visits can sometimes take between 3-5 hours. Follow-up appointments within 2 weeks are strongly encouraged to ensure the abortion was successful. Abortions are occasionally paid for by insurance, and you can contact Planned Parenthood in Ann Arbor to get a cost estimate.

Abortions After 11 Weeks

The Ann Arbor Health Center does not offer in-clinic abortions after 11 weeks, but other clinics do. Kalamazoo, Flint, and Power Family Planned Parenthood Health Centers can provide you with either a suction abortion or dilation and evacuation abortion depending on what the physician thinks is best for you. A suction abortion is a gentle procedure to remove the fetus from your uterus within 16 weeks after conception. Dilation and evacuation is a bit more invasive but is most commonly used in abortions after 16 weeks. Some women opt for an in-clinic abortion compared to the pill due to it being much quicker.  (An in-clinic procedure takes about 10 minutes, while a medicinally-induced abortion can take 24 hours for the fetus to expel itself after the pill is taken). The medicinally-induced procedures can be done in a hospital setting if you are uncomfortable staying at home while taking the pill.

You Have the Right to an Abortion

Planned Parenthood wants to ensure that everyone has the right to healthcare and, contrary to the arguments of many, abortions are healthcare. This includes abortions for adult women, young girls, trans men and many others. Knowledge is power, so while the law surrounding abortions evolves, know your resources and your rights. Planned Parenthood offers a variety of services and information, so reach out if you’re in need.  Many consultations are done over a video call to ensure privacy, convenience and comfort. For more information, or if you want to find a Health Center near you, go to Planned Parenthood | Official Site or call 1-800-230-PLAN.

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