Arnie’s returns to Toledo after 8 years

When Arnie’s closed in 2014, Toledo lost an establishment that epitomized the atmosphere of a classic neighborhood bar. But as the original location’s final owner, Singh Grewal knew Arnie’s closing was only a hiatus.

“I would have always felt incomplete if I didn’t open Arnie’s back up,” Grewal said. “I’ve never left a project I didn’t feel was complete. Arnie’s has always been closest to my heart. I couldn’t let it go.”

Strong Ties to the Original 

Grewal met the original owner of Arnie’s, Arnie Elzey, at the University of Toledo in the 1990s. For the final 8 years before closing in 2014, Grewal owned and operated Arnie’s. According to Grewal, Elzey remained involved during this time.

“Arnie was an incredible guy,” Grewal said. “I learned so much from him. He was a real hands-on guy and so am I. We always had a brotherhood and a respect for one another. I wanted to bring that brand back to Toledo. It belongs here.”

Glass City Connection

Grewal is not new to the Toledo area. In addition to his contributions to the bar/restaurant scene which includes Chaser’s, Alehouse, and Social, Grewal is also a graduate of the University of Toledo. 

“I bleed blue and gold,” Grewal said. “This is my hometown. I went to school here. I ran track. I am a UT alumnus. My goal is to give back to Toledo. I love it here.”

New Location, Same Feeling

According to Grewal, he wanted the second iteration of Arnie’s to feel similar to the original location. And while the interior has a cleaner and more modern feel, Grewal still has subtle reminders of the original Arnie’s which stood where Westgate Village stands today. Above the bar, shining down, includes light fixtures from the original location. According to Grewal, this was meant to add charm to the newly renovated space. 

“A lot of people who were familiar with Arnie’s are coming in and are realizing it has a similar feeling,” Grewal said. “I am trying to bring back those same principles that made Arnie’s so special. When people come in, they are finding that out.”

After roughly 8 years since closing, Arnie’s reopened its new location’s doors in late June. Calling on one of his close friends, Super Bowl champion and NFL star Aaron Donald, Grewal ushered in a new era of Arnie’s. According to Grewal, it was surreal to experience the culmination of years of planning and effort.

“I have nothing but gratitude for the city of Toledo,” Grewal said. “I am looking forward to continuing the same tradition of hospitality Arnie’s has been known for.”

Learn More about Arnie’s

Arnie’s is located at 2637 W. Bancroft St. In addition to Arnie’s menu, guests will also be able to order food from JoJos Pizza, which is located directly adjacent. Arnie’s is strictly a 21 and over establishment. In addition to a full-service bar and restaurant, Arnie’s offers 24 draft taps. To learn more about Arnie’s, follow Arnie’s Toledo on Facebook.