Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Walker Funeral Homes Hosts Grief Seminar

Walker Funeral Homes and Crematory is hosting a Grief Management seminar Thursday, May 2, from 5 pm to 7 pm.

Dr. Bill Hoy, clinical professor of Medical Humanities at Baylor University and national grief spokesman will present the seminar. Hoy has helped those dealing with bereavement and dying for over 35 years. He has written over 125 articles and book chapters regarding death and bereavement and has worked over 20 years in hospice care and 15 years in ministry.

His seminar will focus on supporting grief, how to know when grief becomes a problem and how to deal with it, talk about the issue of when people are at the “edge of (their) competence” and the importance of faith during grief.

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“This seminar assists clergy and survivors to better understand the process of grief support,” a spokesperson for Walker Funeral Homes and Crematory said in a statement.

Hoy also hosted a seminar this morning for clergy this morning at Walker Funeral Homes, focusing on how to help a family in grief, how to minister during periods of grief and where to find support for the bereaved people.

Tonight’s workshop is free but registration is required. Call 419-841-2422 or email Shana Sadoski at [email protected] to register.

Walker Funeral Homes and Crematory has been helping families with burial, funeral and cremation services since 1933.

For more information on Walker Funeral Homes and Crematory, visit walkerfuneralhomes.com.

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